Monday, March 12, 2012


Extra Credit

My favorite exploration that I wrote about is exploration 5. On exploration 5, I wrote about my favorite character in the Blood Diamond. My favorite character in this movie is Soloman Vandy. He is a loving husband and father. He sends his son Dia to school to learn English, so the boy will grow up to have a better life. But one day, Solomon’s family is ripped from rebels and he is sent to work the find diamonds. In this movie, unlike Archer, Solomon focus finds his wife, two daughters and his son, and he makes a deal with archer, for the diamond, he will help the man find his wife and children. One of quotes that most stood out to me was said by Solomon. When Dia point gun to Archer, Solomon said, “I know they made you do bad things, but you are not bad boy.” I feel like this quote is important, I learned Solomon was care about his son, and Solomon think whatever Dia did is not his fault. Solomon really want help Dia to go back his normal life.
Extra Credit
My favorite exploration that i wrote about is Exploration 3 which was Murtin Luther King Junior's speech. it was response to Dr Kings speech the mountian top. This speech was full of informational and guardians. He tells the sanitation workers the way out of sruggle. Dr King particularly emphasis the idea of working as community or a group to achieve gradeness. This idea is very crucial in today's world wether is boycotting the government to distribute the wealth equally, to bring justice back or to improve the lives of the personals within the community. As we learn from history, the great change was brought by group of people with grade leader, not one particular person. The message gets through when it co-exists within group of people. in today's world we can apply this when we writing petitions to the government to have centain changes done. it requires group of people with the same stance. last but not least another way it works would be if the community gets together with common goal to achieve safe and secure neighborhood. they can build recreation center, parts and soccer fields to integrate the community.

Extra Credit

I choose to read exploration 3 about the Martin Luther King speech "Mountain Top". I read to you a paragraph that I have written in response to the speech, it says: A practical solution he gives his audience is that they need to march again. That it wasn’t an option; they have to march again in order to put the issue where it needed to be. They needed to force everyone to see the suffering. To reinforce his point he used a story that if everyone goes down the road asking what will happen to me, then nothing will be done. The question should not be what will happen to me, but what will happen to them. It at least for me, made me relate to the problem. Most people do not think about what will happen to the other person if they are scared of what will happen to them, but it was a good point. This idea should still be used today. Not with the black rights issue, but with other issues. You have to not only think about yourself, but everyone else.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

extra credit

This is my favorite essay so Im i posted just couple of paragraphs.

The first time I saw my mother I thought I was dreaming, it felt surreal. I tried to wake myself from what thought was a deep dream, but it was real. Until my mom spoke to me, I didn’t believe my own eyes. “Son are you okay”, were the first thing my mother said to me when she saw my stunted look, I still remember those four words she said to me, mother came up to me and hugged me so tight, It brought back memories of how she sang me songs of lullaby with her soft soothing voice, and how she told me bedtime stories until I fell asleep. Seeing her just for split second and receiving a hug from her felt like I was nine years old all over again. Just remembering my mother’s hugs makes me feel better after a long day.
After arriving at my destination, I collected my luggage and headed towards my mother, and then she began crying. It was really sad seeing her cry even thought that was tears of joy. Those tears made her eyes sparkle and more beautiful than what I remember them to be, I tried not to cry but I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I cried for the first time from the joy an blessing of seeing my mother once again, but actually it was not that bad at all, and crying made me feel better.

here a link to the video .im kind of having trouble uploading the video in to the blog.

Extra Credit- Abdul Tiba

My favorite exploration that I wrote about is exploration 1. We did it on the very first day of class. On it I wrote about my strengths and weaknesses that I have in English class. Some of my strengths are I'm good at brainstorming and typing papers that mean the length requirement. My weaknesses are that I'm not great at using the correct grammar and its sometimes hard for me to write a perfect essay. Also in this exploration I talked about goals I would like to meet by the end of class. The goals I wrote down are that I wanted a B or higher, get more interested in reading books and learn to write better essays. I think I met all my goal and I had a great time in class. Thanks to everyone for a great time!!

The Hobart Shakesperians

Overall I thought the documentary was really good and inspiring. What I really liked about Rafe's teaching style the money system I thought that was really cool idea. The whole money system was really cool because he taught his children the sense of financial responsibility. His children learned the value of a dollar. Another thing I liked was how he taught the children music because he knew statistically children who play music usually play get good grades as well. One last thing I like was the field trips that he took the kids too. The reason I liked is because of his choice location and types and foods he gave the children. What I mean by this is he took him to 5 star hotels and restaurants because according to him “I want to show the children what they are working for” and I completely agree with him. What can be learned about his habits is that the way Rafe taught he showed the children to think for themselves and to be independent. One specific goal I have for next year is I want to start studying more and the way I want to do it is to set aside some time to study and to not procrastinate.