Thursday, January 5, 2012

Abdul Tiba

Hi! My name is Abdul Tiba and I graduated from Dublin Coffman High School last summer. I'm 18 years old and I'm undecided in school right now. I am a huge fan of sports. I mainly watch basketball, hockey and especially football. My favorite teams are the Blue Jackets, Bengals and of course the Buckeyes. I'm a very chill and relaxed guy and I love to hang out with friends all the time and I love getting to know new people. My biggest fear are spiders. I freaking hate spiders. I cannot stand them one bit. Whenever I see one at my house I freak out and I have to kill it. The way it looks just disgusts me. Other then that I'm not really afraid of anything.


  1. hmmm I think I've read this somewhere before...

  2. Yeah this seams a little familiar...

  3. Bengals are gonna beat the Texans this weekend