Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog Number Two

So far the reading is going pretty well. The reading didn't take much time so I got it all done within a half hour or so. From what we have read so far the book is very graphic and the author describes everything very well. This book reminds me of a movie called Blood Diamond. Both talked about children fighting in the war. There was a part in the book when people were running away from their old village and it got attacked by rebels. The author described a man that was holding his son in every bit of detail. The man was trying to get his son some help, not knowing his son had already passed away. The book is very sad and powerful. The reason why the rebels are attacking people is because they want to overthrow the government. The rebels want to keep people alive so that they can create a human shield. The only question I have from the reading was that I was wondering what year is the story taking place in?


  1. Oh my God. I was thinking of the same movie! I really think we should watch it in class after we finish reading the book :)

  2. i heard that movie was pretty good. i agree with Chaitanya we should watch that movie in class

  3. I agree with you i was done within a half hour or so. I love readin book that narrate stories so, well that you feel his pain as if you are ishmeal beah. Everybody is talking about this movie i should definitely watch it. Mike should show it to us in class.