Monday, January 30, 2012

"God left this place a long time ago"

I agree with what a lot of the critics had to say about the movie. While the movie was made with good intentions of bringing attention to the problem of conflict diamonds, as sad as it is, I don't think the movie is going to truly make anybody second guess the jewelry they are buying. I also agree with the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio gave a very believable performance. I do however disagree when they say the character of Maddy Brown was pointless and without an arc. At the end of the film it showed the impact her story created when she finished it and how it changed Soloman's life and got him to be able to bring attention to the U.N. I personally liked this movie for the most part. I really liked Soloman’s story of how he refused to give up on getting his family back together. I also found Danny Archer’s storyline to be interesting. I have never really thought about how other people from different countries had felt about the wars going on in the rest of the continent. He finds his own way to make money throughout all the madness going on in Africa because he knows there is nothing he can probably do to single handedly stop it, so he gives up trying. However, it was really hard to see the things happening in Africa, because even though it was not real death and torture being shown in the movie, it is truly a reality. Seeing a little 10 year old boy walking around with a gun and killing innocent people was really hard to see because it really hits you to realize that this happens way too often in the world. While I think it was a good storyline and important to get awareness of this major problem out, it was really hard to watch knowing how real these problems are.

One of the main characters in the film was Soloman Vandy. He was split up from his family because of the war and fought the entire time to get them back. While he was split up from his family he was forced into being a diamond miner and found a pink diamond. He knew that this diamond would be his way to get his family back together so he does everything in his power to get the diamond and reunite his family. When he finally finds his family at a refugee camp, his wife tells him that the rebels took his son to be a soldier. This is yet another obstacle in his way because he has no idea where in the country his son is, whether or not he is still alive, and if he will ever be able to get him back safely. When he does eventually find him, he is with the rebels and it is a fight to get him back and to convince his son of who he truly is and where he belongs. In the end, Soloman’s struggles are resolved and he is reunited with his entire family.
The quote that stuck out to me the most in this movie was when the character Danny Archer said “Sometimes I wonder: Will God ever forgive us for what we’ve done to each other? Then I look around and I realize… God left this place a long time ago”. I think this quote explains a lot about how Danny feels about the wars in Africa. I think as a character in this story, it seems like Danny has completely given up on trying to do the right thing and is mainly focused on doing what he thinks will further himself. I also think this has to be how a lot of people that live in Africa have to feel. It has to be hard for people to live there that believe in God and see everything happening to innocent people and feel like God still cares about what happens to them.


  1. i agree kelly, maddy was not a pointless character in my opinion i think she was the most important character in the movie without her Danny Archer's story doesn't get out to the public

  2. At first when I began reading this post I felt that I might not agree with you, because you said that you agreed with a lot of what the critics said, and I felt that I didn't. As I continued reading though a lot of what you said is actually also in my paper. When you talked about how they said a weakness in the film was Maddy's role, that was almost word for word in my paper too. While I was interested in this to begin with because I saw that you had similar opinions to what I thought, I actually the most important of this was when you used your direct quote. I don't even remember that part in the movie, but it is so significant. I love that quote, and I feel like the way you described Danny was perfect.

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  4. Maddy played the role of the caring American reporter and played a role model. Although her screen presence was minimal, I think she was a big part of the story since she was someone that we can actually relate to. I believe she wanted to make a difference and I admire her willingness to be brave enough to see the events at first hand. She was an inspiring character and a true role model.