Monday, January 30, 2012

Only in Africa

This quote was taken from the New York Times "If films were judged solely by their good intentions, this one would be best in show. Instead, gilded in money and dripping with sanctimony, confused and mindlessly contradictory, the film is a textbook example of how easily commercialism can trump do-goodism, particularly in Hollywood." I agree 100% with this statement. This movie could have done a lot to help stop the diamond trade instead it is an action movie that brought Hollywood more money. “"Blood Diamond' more or less plays like an exotically situated action flick as each man races toward his respective goal." The 'diamond' not the diamonds are the focus of this movie. This is Hollywood, introduce a concept but do nothing to solve the main problem. One thing the film did get right is the amount of violence that was going on in Africa at the time. Empire magazine says " Edward Zwick’s film launches with scenes that startle with their savagery, rivalling even Saving Private Ryan’s opening salvo for squirm value." I agree with this statement. The opening scene of SPR is only a little worse than these opening scenes. Empire gave the movie 4 stars out of 5 which they rate as excellent. It was an excellent movie when you look at all the components. It is set in a beautiful location; it has great actors, a semi happy ending, and action. All those elements make a great movie.

I decided to pick Maddy because I thought she played a very important role in the film. Maddy was that nosey reporter who would do anything to get her story. Maddy struggles with not asking so many questions. She is always in reporter mode and the pisses some people off. Maddy also struggles with doing what she is told. Danny insists that she get on the plan and she refuses more than once. Danny eventually convinces her after some persuading. She faces the conflict of what story to write. Maddy could write about all the refuges in SL or she could write about the blood diamonds and Solomon. She chooses to write about Solomon. Her story brings down Rudolf Van De Kaap and changes the way diamonds are processed. Her story also allows Solomon to have a better life with his family. I would say the conflicts are resolved. She wrote a major story and helped save a families lives. She also brought down a powerful man.

There were some really good bits of dialogue in this movie. One of the best lines in my opinion is TIA, this is Africa. This line really does describe what is going on. Only in Africa is basically what the line states. Only in Africa do you find people killing themselves over diamonds, oil, ivory, and other things. Only in Africa do you find child soldiers used to this magnitude. Only in Africa do you find this many refuges and no one doing anything about it. The other quote I liked was that the earth is red from all the blood spilt. We see this again when Danny is dying. He takes his bloodied hand and picks up the red earth. It also goes along with TIA. Only in Africa would the Earth be red from all the blood.

I enjoyed the movie and I thank you for letting us watch it in class!

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  1. I also picked Maddy to talk about in my blog. She was my favorite character because although she wasn't from Africa she still cared enough to try and get the people help. Without her Solomon wouldn't have been able to get the help he needed at the end to sell the diamond.