Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blood Diamond: The story of the conflict in Sierra Leone

The Critics Said that the strengths of the film were more powerful than the weaknesses. The strengths of the film included strong family ties, partnership and the willing to sacrifice everything. The strong presence of family is shown when Solomon Vandy wants to find and be reunited with his family, including his son, who was taken to become a rebel. Partnership is another strength because it shows that Archer and Solomon working together for the same goals and ideas. The weakness of the film is showing the killing of innocent people in my opinion because it shows both the government and rebels ruthlessness to innocent civilians. I do agree that these are the strengths and weaknesses of the film because they are shown throughout the film.

The character that really interested me was Archer because although he is shown to be greedy, he is trying to use the diamond to get out of Africa to escape from his past and make a better future for himself. In the beginning we see Archer as a Greedy smuggler that only cares about himself and is very rude to other people. The conflicts that he faced was his promise to get Solomon back to his family and giving the diamond to his boss. I do not believe that the second conflict resolved because although he got Solomon to be reunited with his son, he gave the diamond to Solomon to give it to a man in London instead to his boss. He finally dies in the last part of the film with his goal of getting out of Africa is not accomplished.

There were different types of dialogue that was used throughout the movie. The first was the native dialogue used by people who live in Sierra Leone because although they speak English they have an accent as they speak it. The Second, was the dialogue used by foreigners because they did not have accents while they talked. The two different dialogues could symbolize the main importance of the film.


  1. I didn't really like Archer in the movie. He was too greedy and only cared about the diamond. He never cared for helping Solomon save his family. But I did like how he ended up giving the diamond to Solomon. It was the only good thing he did in the whole movie that wasn't selfish.

  2. I picked the same character for my exploration. Archer proved to be so much more a person then we was thought to be at the beginning of the movie and you pointed out the same thing as I did. I think it was an important part of the movie to watch the characters change and become better people.

  3. I used Archer as my central character as well, because he is not as easy to analyze as the other characters in this film. His purpose changes through the film. At first, yes he is greedy for the diamond, but we can say that he was a bad person. He was simply trying to do what was good for himself, but how he changes internally throughout the movie is quite touching.