Monday, January 30, 2012

Bling Bling or Bling Bang?

On most review websites like Rootman Romatoes and The New York Times the flim got a 7/10 which is pretty good. Most movie critics had said that Blood Diamond biggest strength is it demonstrates the Sierra Leone conflict to the fullest and that’s its very realistic. According to Mahohla Dagris who is a movie critc on the New York Times she states that “In Blood Diamond we see the mass slaughter of innocents as both the government and the rebels mow down men, women, and children indiscriminately. We see how the rebels recruit young boys, indoctrinate them through torture and drug use, and turn them into hardened killers.” Most other movie crticis had said the same thing which was that Blood Diamond biggest strength was it had showed the hardships of what had occurred in Serria Leone. I personally agree with the critics because when I was watching the movie I could feel what Solomon was feeling and what he had to witness going on between his own people. Another strength the movie had been its use of the setting. Director Edward Zawic had cleaylu used the setting of Seira Leone to his advantage most critcs had said that the setting had complemented the theme/conflict of the movie.

As I read reviews on Blood Diamond one reoccuring common weakness that every movie critic had said was that they didn’t like the length of the movie. They felt that the movie had dragged on a little bit too long. I personally disagreee with that because I feel that the movie’s length was just about right because there was so much the movie had to show the audience in order for them to understand the plot.

Solomon Vandy who was played by Djimon Hounsou was one of the main chracters in Blood Diamond he was the protaganist in the flim. Conflicts that Solomon had faced were that he was trying to reunite with this family, but the problem was that his son Dia had been forced to join the rebels and do their bidding. As a result he had work with Danny Archer who was a diamond smuggler. They had made a deal which was that Danny would help Solomon find his family and in return Solomon would have to give Mr. Archer the diamond he had found while minning in the diamond minds. How this conflict was resolved is towards the end of the movie as Solomon finds his son in the same camp where he buried the diamond, so as he tries to save his son, but he is caught by the rebel leader. Mr. Archer figures out what happens and saves both Solomon and Dia. When they go get the diamond they start getting attacked by the government millitary and as a result Mr.Archer is shot and has to be left behind while Solomon and Dia escape. When Solomon arrives in London he sells the diamond for money and for the rescue of his wife and daughter and as a result they are reunited.

Dialogue is very important in movies; some important dialogue that I had noticed was when Solomon Vandy had said “I understand White people want our diamonds, yes. But how can my own people do this to each other? I feel this quote is very important it shows how this violence had taken toll of the citizens in Sierra Leone like Solomon. What I had learned when Solomon had said this was that he was shocked that his own people were capable of doing this to each other without any remorse. Another important that I had noticed when I was watching the movie was when Mr. Archer had said “In America, its bling bling. But out here it's bling bang” this quote stood out to me because it shows how valuable diamonds are in Sierra Leone and what people are willing to do for them. When Danny Archer had said this quote what I learned about his character was that he was going to do anything to get diamonds no matter what the circumstances are he will get it no matter what.


  1. If i were in Solomom place i would have been suprised too. When you are used to having people take care of you who dont even relate to you and suddenly, they turn against you. I think this tells that money and power can make people do anything. Even if it means taking someone life

  2. Hanad, you did a great job, giving proof of where you got your information. I too thought that Blood Diamond did a great job at showing the hardships faced in Sierra Leone.

  3. I don't think the critics could fully understand the movie because they didn't have any background knowledge of what was happening.

  4. I liked your quote a lot and it brings up a good point. How can people in general kill each other over something so little. Violence takes it toll on everyone in this movie. Going along with this quote when the old man says lets hope they don't find oil next, you see how much the diamonds are tearing apart this country. Finding oil would make the problem 100 times worse. Nice job! I enjoyed reading your post.

  5. i thought the best part of this review is how they are giving idea of what has happen in the movie. I agree with you the length of the movie is better good shape. unlike the critics i would like to see the movie length to extend little more to highlight more on the foriegn influence on the conflict