Friday, January 27, 2012

Father and son conflicts

The Strengths the film had first then followed by the weaknesses by what the critics have said. One person who goes by the name Karen said she felt that she shouldn't wear diamonds any more, because the diamonds could come from one place like this. Another person who goes by Ojibot says it has a really strong subject matter that everyone should know about, just not the Americans and diamond industry; but everyone should know about how imbalance of resources on the planet leads to great suffering. Also the movie shows how gem smuggling affects a war torn country. Every comment I see gives the movie positive views. Where as if a person really didn't enjoy the movie from the beginning. I agree with some of the things critics say about this being a greate movie showing how diamonds can affect war torn countries. Also this movie fits what is going on in Along Way Gone. What we can learn from reading criticism; we can see how other people thought about the movie and parts of the movie.

The struggles Soloman faces first start at the beginning of the Blood Diamond. When his village was attacked by Rebals and forcing him to leave his family behind after being captured. He is then forced to work in the diamond mining camps. This is where his first struggle takes place because if found keeping diamonds for your self the punishment would be killed on on site. He is soon caught trying to hide a diamond by the RUF leader Captain Poison. Before Soloman could be killed the government soldiers attack allowing the struggle he was about to face to be over by being freed from jail by Danny. Another major struggle was when Soloman went to find his family at the second largest camp and found out his son Dia was taken. This struggle wasn't resolved until the closing moments of the movie, because he thought he saw Dia one night going by in a truck almost getting killed. When Soloman disobeys orders from Danny Archer to wait for dark before moving in on the mining camp to look for his son Dia Which he found playing cards.

The Dialogue that most stood out to me the most was all the parts that showed the RUF kids talking. These parts were the parts where they first gave training to the boys, their names and the boys singing a sung. "Go tell my parents they see me no more, for I am fighting in the battlefields forever." We learn from Dia how desensitized these boys fighting can not feel pain of others. We see this when Dia points a gun at his father.

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  1. I liked the quote the you picked. It also shows them being brainwashed in a way because the more that they say it over and over again the more they will start to believe what they are doing is right and less they are to think about what they are actully doing is wrong.