Monday, January 30, 2012

Exploration 5

Many critics are not very pleased with Blood Diamond. They call it, “Not the most enthusiastic one.” However, they say that the movie was very efficient in presenting the issues faced in Sierra Leone. They agree that some scenes were filmed exactly the way the war was fought which gave the movie an interesting turn but, they felt it was too long. The critics felt that the movie had its high turn but, felt as if they were repeating themselves. Many acknowledge that if the movie was edited a little more than, it could classify as a tremendous film. Critics feel that the theme of the movie was clear but, the not the character’s role. According to Berardinelli, Archer’s role was complete were as Maddy’s role was invisible and lacked the focus. Also, they felt that, “Storyline loses momentum as the storyline bogs down.” Moreover, many critics expected more of the Zwick and his production because he is director well aware of an epic film, critics explain.

 I agree with the critics because I also felt as if the movie was dragged a bit too much. The movie needed to be edited more because I felt the story of the diamond get to the market was told in bits and pieces were as, it could easily be told in one scene. I don’t agree with the critics about the character’s role because I felt they were clear and easily understandable. Although, I agree about Maddy’s role, I also felt that the role needed more focus. I learned about in depth details about the story as well as the director in detail through reading criticism. I mentioned director because if we have knowledge about the direction we can clear understand his imaginations or his version of story. Sometimes, reviews provide us with some details that could be very small but, hold a lot of importance.

There are many interesting characters to choose from but, I chose Solomon Vandy. I chose Solomon Vandy because if we ignore his character from the film then, I don’t think I will able to understand the story. Story revolves around him. Solomon struggled to stay alive and also, struggled to find his family throughout the film. Solomon characters only focus was to find his family and later, save his son from rebels. He faced many conflicts throughout this movie. First of all, he was imprisoned by the rebels and was forced to work for them. Secondly, the government has not permitted him to take his family out of the Camps. Third, his son refused to come home with him and many more. He was able to reunite with his family but, in this process undertook many troubles. He willingly helped archer find the diamond because he promised to reunite him with his family.  Even though, Archer has told him its dangerous rescue his son alone he daringly goes into the rebel’s camp to find his son. Finally, Solomon was able to solve all his conflicts. He even got to sell the diamond and was given the price promised to Archer. He got all the things he struggled for at the end.

I felt the conversation between Solomon and Dia was my favorite part of the whole movie. One of the best lines was said by Solomon. Solomon says, “I know they made you do bad things but, you’re not a bad boy.” Solomon says this when Dia points his gun toward Solomon and Archer.  This quote was very emotional. Through this quote, I learned that Solomon was trying to tell Dia that whatever happened is not his fault. He wants Dia to forget everything that had happen to him and he wants him to be like a kid that he was who loved Soccer and School. I felt that quote stood out because I grasp that Dia was in dire need of it. He needed somebody to remind him of who he really is. Dia was brainwashed and all the kids were but, he was lucky enough to get out it and now, he needs to realize the truth. This is the reason I felt that this quote stood out. Through this quote, I learned a lot about Solomon and Dia’s character. Through this quote, the film makers show us how a father try to calm his son down and explain to him what the right thing to do. This father figure is trying to remind his son who he truly is and how he should act to make it right. Dia’s reaction to this quote showed us that he wants everything to be normal and he no longer wants to fight in the war or run away from it.  In simple words, he wants to embrace his father and wants to feel safe. Through this quote, Solomon indirectly says that he is there and that everything will be alright. Dia’s reaction says that this what he thrives for.


  1. I agree that the movie dragged on a little and at times it was boring. I don't think this movie really gave the conflict in Africa the publicity it deserves, and it didn't focus on the war all that much. It had to do a lot with the particulars about Archer. I wish they would have focused on Solomon more in the movie.

  2. The quote where Solomon tell his son, Dia "It's not your fault" really holds true for all child soldiers. They are brainwashed into doing these things, and when Dia and Solomon cry together, it really bring the idea of hope, and resolution about, for these child soldiers and their families. Granted, Dia was knocked out back in his senses within 5 minutes of holding the gun to Archer and his dad, but regardless, it IS possible for these kids to be happy again.

  3. I feel as if Solomon 's quote showed how persuasive the rebels can be in controlling the children. When Solomon was talking to Dia i feel that just summed up the whole movie

  4. I agree with you on the fact that the part of the movie about the diamond trade was broken up into bits and pieces. It could have been told a better way. I think they could have either explained it either all together or maybe in pieces with more about it in the ending, when the whole diamond trade happens.

  5. I disagree with you when you say about the jouney of how the diamond come to the market could have been shown in one scene. I believe that if they showed in all in the beginning or all in one scene it would have not kept the audience interested for long. Since they are told in bits it keeps the audience guess and wonder how they get to the market.
    The quote that you choosen that Solomon says to his son Dia is very emotional and him trying to show that it was not his fault that he did what he did. However, I didn't like the outcome of it. Because all of a sudden his son is well and normal again, even after he has done drugs and there are no effects of it.