Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Are Not A Bad Boy

By reading critic reviews of the film Blood Diamond I was able to better understand how other people felt about the movie. I was even able to think more in depth about how I personally felt about different aspects of the movie. The critics did a good job in their reviews of doing three main things; one, they gave an overall summary of the movie, two, they provided the strengths of the movie, and three, they provided the weaknesses of the movie. For this particular film the majority of the reviews said that it was a decent movie, they did not say it was incredible, but they definitely did not dislike it either.

Some of the weaknesses that multiple reviews focused on were the length of the movie, the characters, and the themes of the movie. The critics felt that for as long as the movie was there should have been more occurring in the plot, instead it kid of just drug on. The critics also felt that the roles the characters needed to play were not as difficult as they could have been, especially the character of Maddy Bowen. They felt Maddy did not have a big enough, or important enough role in the movie. Lastly, the critics felt the overall theme of the movie was too basic. They felt that the theme was simply, do not buy diamonds, because obtaining them kills people’s lives. I feel like the critics may have been somewhat justified in their reviews, but overall I feel as if they were wrong. I actually felt that the movie was an appropriate length, that the characters were developed decently well, and the theme of the movie was historically accurate, so I believe that it was appropriate.

The critics also said quite a few good things about the movie. They specifically focused on the roles of Danny Archer and Solomon Vandy in the movie, and on the twists that occurred in the plot. They felt that while the roles of Archer and Solomon may have been too easy for the actors, that they were executed incredibly well. I completely agree with the critics on this part of their review, because I felt that Archer and Solomon were very memorable and powerful. The critics also spoke of the twists in the plot, which I agreed were effective. They spoke of how you may have thought something was going to happen in the plot, but instead something entirely different occurred. For example, you may have felt that Archer was going to take advantage of Solomon, but he actually ended up helping him and improving his life.

In this movie there was more than one memorable character, but the one I wish to focus on is Solomon Vandy. Solomon had many conflicts and struggles throughout the movie. One, he was separated from the rest of his family. Two, he was working in a diamond mine at one point. Three, he was wanted by men who were aware that he had found a large diamond and had hid it. While Solomon faced all of these problems they were actually all resolved by the end of the movie. Solomon was able to escape from mining diamond, he was able to find all of his family members with help from Maddy, and he was even able to find his large diamond and keep it for himself with help from Archer.

In this movie there were a lot of specific quotes that I felt were really important, but there was one specific piece of dialogue that I chose to focus on. At one point, once Solomon has been reunited with his son Dia he says to him, “I know they made you do bad things, but you are not a bad boy”. I feel like this quote is really important, because it helps us understand both characters better. We know that Solomon is understanding and truly wants his son to know he is not to blame. We also better understand that Dia really is a good child who unfortunately was forced to do horrible things. This scene also relates so much to A Long Way Gone when the workers in the compound repeatedly tell the boys that what they are doing is not their fault. The overall dialogue in this movie was very powerful, especially in this specific part of the movie.


  1. The movie could have been so much more complex and interesting. It drug on and I really didn't feel as though they didn't explain the conflict enough. For as long as a movie it was I think they could have added much more. I think the should have showed more about Maddy. I wanted to know the affects her articles had on people and what kind of a writer she really was. It really seemed she had really no idea about all the trouble that was going on, and she sort of just hid behind a camera the whole time.

  2. I agree on how the movie should have focused on Solomon Vandy more than it did. He went through the hardest time in the movie. He searched for his family for a long time and when he found them he found out his son had been taken away. I also think that the movie should have shown more of what was done to Solomon's son and how they brainwashed him. But overall I thought the movie was great.