Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Exploration two

Food in Sierra Leone
The cassava root, rice, vegatables are the most important part of their meal. It is been said that without rice in their meal the Leonean dont consider it has a meal.

This  picture is typical meal.  Sierra Leonean prefer eating with hands. They are always have rice and mix it with some kind a stew or sause. Many people cannot afford to buy beer or pop. They dont even have fridges in sierra so, they to buy them everytime they need to make a meal. The fruits are treated as snack food and rice as real food. Many women are discouraged to go to a bar. Women are usually the cooks. They all have food with their hands and only with their right hand because they feel that left hand is unclean or should not  be used eat food.

Dry fish is one of the main dishes. Ginger beer is an non alchoholic beverage that is consumed while taking lunch. Ginger beer is prepared by sweetning th e ginger and adding cloves and lemon juice as a flavor.
This is website link where you can find receipes for some dishes cooked in sierra leone.


  1. Ginger beer sounds interesting. I believe they sell it here as well, at African supermarkets. I'd like to try some!

  2. Now it makes sense that we have been told about the cassava root in so many of the chapters since it's one of the most important parts of their meal!

  3. I have never really heard of dry fish before except the one time they talk about it in the book, but I don't think i would like to try it anytime soon.

  4. That's weird they think it isn't a meal without rice because rice is hardly ever eaten here.

  5. I am very thankful for my refrigerator.

  6. that looks good !.. does anybody ever tasted ?