Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Long Way Gone

So far in story of A Long Way Gone is about a boy who is from Sierra Leone and is remembering the time when he was last there. His parents are divorced and he is always going between his father and mother. His father and him do not have a good relationship. When he is trying to connect with his father, he is taken away by is stepmother. Also, he decides to go to Mattru Jong with his friends and later when he is about to go back home, people from his village bring the news of how the rebels have attacked. He experiences death for the first time in this life. He is left with only one family member now, which is his brother. He is now becoming a different person than he was or would have been.


  1. Its very sad that he's only left with his brother and friends. But its better then being alone.

  2. its true that wars change people, and its not surprising if the young boy changes due to the civil war in his country