Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A long Way gone

Reading A long Way Gone was smooth and easy. The author is excellent in writing and I really love the way he narrates his story. Ishmeal Beah, has  heard about rebel attacks in his books and he never thought he will be one of the victioms of the rebel attack. Ishmeal was loved listening to rap music. He even made a small group in his town and they were ven planning to perform in the talent held at Mattru Jong. He and his group  felt missed their school so, they can leave early for the talent show. The next day, he found out from people that his twon was attacked and everybody fled to save their lives. Ishmeal and his group, which also consists of his broother planned to go back to his town to find his families. In this process, he came across many disturbing situations. In the search for his families, he comes to his grandmother house stays their for few days to find details and situations in his hometown. While his stay in Kabati(Grandmother's House) rebels attacked his town but, he manages to escape safely.Then, he talks about he life in New York and how he is trying to forget this targic past. However, he explains only little about his present and later, starts talking about how he himself has become a rebel.  I acknowledge that his parents are divorced and his father got married again. His step mother has some issues with him and his brother.

1. I want to why does his younger brother stays with mother and not them?
2. Even though they stay in the same town why doesnt his younger brother not meet his father at his house?
3. When they see refugees come from their neighboring countries and told them about the attacks why didnt the government make any changes in  the town (i.e. increase the military force)


  1. THe questions about his brother are the same questions that I have. I think it might have something to do with the stepmother. Maybe later in the book we will find out.

  2. I wondered the same thing about the government. I feel like they handle so differently than the government in America would.