Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A long way gone

Its very interesting to read book about child soldier writtin by the first person. so far the reading is going very well. One of the things that stands out from the reading was when the author mention that he is in extreme dangerous situation becouse of his age. the rebels would not only kill him, but they would recruite him to slaughter people the some way they do it. in chapter 5 ishmael and his brother were cut by the rebels. they were order to line up so they can choose who to pick. the auther and one of his friend was among the few chosen. luckly this time the rebel were not successful with thier mission. far in the reading am anticipating to see the young boy getting recruite as boy soldiers.


  1. the scene where they were torn apart and almost recruited to the rebels side stick in my mind too.

  2. I also believe that the scene where they almost recruited them is the essential part because may be the boys will go through the same circumstance and they will turn into murderers