Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Post # 2

The reading in A Long Way Gone, is going great. It's easy to read and the visuals I receive from reading feel as if they are brought to life. I feel like I'm hiding behind bushes, following these guys throughout their journey. The part that stuck out most to me was when Ishmael had found out that the rebels had attacked his town where his parents are stationed at. I could only imagine the feeling Ishmael got once he heard the news. The relationship that seems to be the most important to me is the relationship between all the boys. At least Ishmael and his brother. Having someone with you, especially your brother puts you more at ease. As of right now I have no questions.


  1. Alexis, to me the fact that he gets pulled apart from his parents is the really scary part of the story. He and his friends are basically just children, thrown into a life where they have to survive. It's amazing to me that they have the capacity to do it, but I can see the toll it takes on them to try to grow up so fast. Good job reading so far!

  2. I like that too! I love how the graphic details help up to envision the situation he must've been in.

  3. I like thinking about how you could relate what was happening in the book to events in our lives. For example, not that I actually "like" to think about it, but I think it's interesting to think about if your house had caught on fire and you weren't there but your family was. I know today we have cell phones and other gadgets that we can use to find out where people are, but those moments of uncertainty would just be so scary.