Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Long Way Gone

So far I have found A Long Way Gone to be interesting. It reminds me of a book I had to read in high school called Left to Tell. Left to Tell was about the genocide that happened in Rwanda. The scene I most remember was the family in the car. They had all been shot at just because they were fleeing. The other scene was the man carrying his dead son to the hospital believing/ hoping his son was still alive. The important relationship so far is between Ishmael and his brother. I am sure this will change because families in these situations always get split up. I am kind of apprehensive to keep reading. I am not a big fan of books like this. I don't have any questions yet but, I am sure I will as we get further in.


  1. The part when the man was holding his dead son was very sad. He was still talking to him and trying to get him help even thought he had already passed away.

  2. The part with the father holding on to any hope was extremely sad to read and think about the fact that it truly happened.

  3. That part was the saddest so far. It was 2 lines but they were very powerful lines.