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what is real beauty? the reason i choose this essay was because i had agreed with the authors stance in this essay which was people dont know the real meaning about beauty. what stuck out to me was how much was how the author had said that people usually Photoshop people to make them more beautiful during campaigns. another thing i had notice was how the author says that people like to have natural beauty but in reality that is completely false because most people are having plastic surgery to make themselves more beautiful in my opinion the thesis was "is beauty really the only thing people care about." one direct quote that the author used that ties into her thesis was "like the rest of the genetic lottery, beauity is unfair. everyone falls short of perfection, but some are luckier than others. real confidence requires self-knowledge" the reason i choose this quote was because i think this quote was the authors thesis. one question i would as to the class is "what does beauty really mean"


In Deborah Tannen essay about how men are more likely to succed in public school than women because of their different ways of communicating. The thesis of this essay was about communication styles between men and women and how different they are. As Tannen points out that "a girl has a best friend with whom she sits and talks, frequently telling secrets" (403). Girls make friends based on sharing secrets. While boys make friends by hierarchical status. As Tannen talks about boys playing in larger groups, while the high-status boys give orders and push low-staus boys around. This shows how how girls and boys make frieeds and thier different way of communication. Tannen also talks about the American communication styles between men and women. Women tend to bond over by talking about their troubles, while men bond by exchanging playful insults and put-downs. One of the things that shocked me was when Tannen stated that schools are more hospitable to most men than women. I know that they want it to be equal for both but one way or another the teaching methods will always be more hospitable to either men or women. When teaching like a debate like format, it will be more generous to men while non debate like formats where women believe they are not being attacked are more suitable to women. While men are more likely to talk in class and share their input on the subject, women are still known for talking to much.
Question: By having seperate schools for boys and girls, would it really be equal?

I want to start off by saying that Deborah Tannen wrote her essay on a very interesting topic. Out of all the times I've spent in class, I've never really thought about the communication skills and the differences between different genders, races, and ages. She lays out her thesis clearly in paragraph two by saying, "One facet of this is conversational style: how different regional, ethnic, and class backgrounds, as well as age and gender, result in different ways of using language to communicate." She concentrates on the gender aspect of communication the most because that one has the most variation. In most cases, the men are the overpowering communicators who like to control the conversation by always contributing. On the other hand, women can play that role too; however, out of most cases, the women are far less talkative than the men. In my opinion, I don't think gender should affect a person's contribution to a discussion. I think it is solely based on confidence and whether the person is shy to speak to a large audience. Can this be the reason we have not yet seen a female as President of the United States? Although there are other factors into that equation, the things Tannen talks about are most certainly an affect. I really like the final paragraph of the essay which said, "The goal of complete equal opportunity in class may not be attainable, but realizing that one monolithic classroom-participation structure is not equal opportunity is itself a powerful motivation to find more-diverse methods to serve diverse students--and every classroom is diverse." I completely agree with Tannen because in all of my years spent in classrooms, I contributed to the diversity and witnessed how being a foreigner could create differences in interpretation. Plus i know most people that come from my country to learn in the US are often extremely shy and prefer not to contribute to discussions. I think Tannen did a great job addressing an issue that often passes over our heads.

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The communication essay by Deborah Tannen stuck out to me the most to me because it brought up many different points. It talked about how men and women communicate. Some people believe that when the two genders are separated they learn a lot better but research shows that when the genders are together they learn a better. All my life I've been in classes with a mix of boys and girls and I don't think it had any impact on me as a student. I never really thought about it until I read this essay. There was one thing that I wasn't too sure about in the essay. "Yet speaking in a classroom is more congenial to boys' language experience than to girls', since it entails putting oneself forward in front of a large group of people". What she is saying is that boys work better in larger groups rather than girls. From her study she thinks that if the two sexes were separated they could learn and do better in schools.
Should classes be separated by gender?
I honestly don't think so because its sometimes better to work with someone from the other sex and understand someone else's point of view.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Expressing your thoughts in Class

I loved reading Deborah Tannen essay on Communication Style. It really struck to me that, men usually are the one who express their thought often in class. The thesis was conversation styles. The thesis itself drew my attention because it is going to be fascinating to hear about gender difference and its effects on communication. Tannen says that men are more comfortable expressing themselves. She also says that men involve themselves in discussions to display their knowledge and skills. I agree to most of her propositions. I felt that the essay was complete because she provided us with the solution and as well as the solution to the problem. The one thing that I felt was strongest of all is when she was providing us with the reasons for this differences. She says," Many of whom are strangers and at least one of whom is sure to judge speakers knowledge and intelligence by their verbal display." I totally agree with her because I have heard many people use the same excuses. This reason that Tannen provide is very logic and also, the main reason why people don't discuss more in class. When I was in India, the situation was different. Women used engage more in class discussion then, boys. The reason boys used was that they didn't want people to treat them like nerds. They wanted to be masculine and the only way it was to show some arrogance. They didn't want people to think they study at home because people then consider them as nerd . I have only one question that is 
1. How did she base her teaching on? her thought about difference failed in India? I am just curious to know this answer. I understand that she did some research. According to my understanding it is totally opposite in India. I also want to know what could the reason be for that difference?

Communication in Class

In the Tannen article I was surprised what she said about boys and girls being in the same class. In one the the lines in her essay she says "When young young women sit next to young men in classrooms, the males talk more." At Watterson this wasn't true. In group discussions only a few boys talked and almost all of the girls did. The discussion time was taken up by female voices more than males with the exception of a few classes. After this section of the essay goes on to talk about how girls and boys act outside of class.Girls tend to hang out with their best friends and boys hang in larger groups. Women bound through troubles and men bound through good natured teasing and horsing around. Then she applies this to the classroom saying the boys like to talk in class because it is like being in public. Girls do not speak as much because they like smaller groups. I still don't agree with this statement. I liked the essay and the theories she provided. My question to the class is what is your opinion on what happens in a classroom. Keeping in mind that every class is diverse who talks more the boys or the girls?

Defining a Woman's Character

When most women think about beauty, all they do is try to put as much make up on as they can. When I read the essay that talks about this situation, I suddenly realized that the true beauty of a women is her character and not they way she dresses. For me, that thought has always been a factor of what I see about women. I see men treat women like they are objects and not human beings. What struck me most about the evidence of the essay is that Tannen and Postrel try to give examples of what happened to their lives and other women that face the same issue when it comes to beauty. The thesis of the essay is that a women's beauty does not show what type of person she is, but what does is her character.

Is there a definition of beauty? can anyone define beauty? well, everyone have different perception of beauty.The Essay " The Truth About Beauty" by Virgina Postrel, was intersted to me. it shared some realistic points. the author used popular cosmetic maker Dove to explain her argument. The thesis statment of the reading was eventhough people find manipulated faces more appealing then natural face, dove was convincing women that they're beautiful just the way they are. The company declares press release " A global effort that is intended to serve as a starting point for societal change and act as a catalyst for widnening the definition and discussion of beauty". A long way with its hair conditionar, creams, and other products. What struck me the most was how advertisments changes 0ur perceptions on how a typical women would look like.the ads pictures are so manipulated and enhanced that normal women can't achieve the same result from the Creams and other beauty products

self esteam beauty over real beauty

Companies like Dove are trying make money while targeting the ones who have low self of esteem. Also they remind people for example, women how beautiful they are. The thesis is, Along with it's thigh-firming creams, self-tanners, and hair conditions, Dove is peddling the crowd-pleasing notions that beauty is the same as declaring every women beautiful, and that self-esteem means ignoring imperfections. "Campaign for real Beauty," declares a press release is as a starting point for societal change and act as a catalyst for widening the definition and discussion of beauty." What do you think by using cosmetics lowers or heightens self-esteem.

communication styles

The eassy communication styles, by Deborah Tanen poiont out the difference betwwen men's and women's communication styles. Tannen noticed these differences when he broke the class into small groups to discuss the issues raised in the readings and to analyze their own conversational transcripts. Tannen observed that,some of sudents said that they preferred the same-gender groups; others preferred the same-style groups. And he commented,"No one's converstional style is absoulte; eveyone's style changes in response to the context and others' styles."
What do you know about beauty? When I first start readying the essay, I thought it’s all about how women looks in makeup, but i as read throughout the whole article. I was shocked how media attracts women, and make them obsessed to makeup. The only part that media shows us is the good part, such as showing a women that is already beautiful in commercial scenes, and that’s how the media and the companies who is producing the product caught every women’s eyes. This part of the essay struck me well. “Like the rest of the genetic lottery, beauty is unfair. Everyone falls shorts of perfection, but some are luckier than others”. That is really deep massage to all women. My point is our society believes what media shows them. where does beauty comes from or do you get it?

Beautiful Within

When reading The Truth About Beauty, Virginia Postrel describes how some people were blessed with good looks and others who are not as fortunate. In most advertisements you see women that are drop dead gorgeous. What people don’t know is that underneath all that caked on make-up, is just another woman. So how can hiding what you really look like be beautiful? I believe that being beautiful starts within. Women who are confident with themselves and aren’t afraid to show who they really are, is what I believe to be beautiful. But with many advertisements, it makes it hard for some females to be confident while seeing what is portrayed as beautiful. Even though it’s not your typical commercial, Dove’s commercial containing women of all sizes, helps people see that there is no such thing as perfection and that not all women are stick thin. In the beginning of the commercial they say, “ Every girl deserves to feel beautiful just the way she is,” which is true, everyone has feeling and just because one girl isn’t as beautiful on the outside as the rest, should not be treated like leper. There is nothing wrong with a girl eating a BIG, FAT, JUICY BURGER.

Real "Beauty"?

As I read The Truth About Beauty by Virginia Postrel, I was not really all the shocked to read about the fact that what is considered to be beautiful in ads is not really the whole truth. Many companies have been criticized lately for the amount of photo-shopping they do to a photo. One example of was a Ralph Lauren campaign in which they made the model in the ad look unnaturally skinny through all the photo-shopping. What we see everyday and are told is beautiful is unrealistic. I think the thesis of this piece of writing was how distorted America's perception of beauty is through what advertising calls "beauty". The thing that struck me the most in this essay was the information about Dove's Evolution video. I think this shows just how false a lot of what American's are told is true beauty everyday is not real. I think a good quote to describe just how fake beauty is in ads is shown when Postrel writes, "Next comes the digital transformation, as a designer points-and-clicks on the model's photo, giving her a longer, slimmer neck, a slightly narrower upper face, fuller lips, bigger eyes, and more space between her eyebrows and eyes". I think it is really sad that the advertising world and Hollywood change the appearance of people to make them appear to be the perfect woman and make every other average American female feel like they can't measure up to a false beauty. What is more important to you, a beautiful personality or appearance?

The Eye of the Beholder?

The essay I found very appealing was "The Truth About Beauty" by Virginia Postrel. The reason I found this essay extremely appealing is because instead of bashing the media for evoking a sense of what beauty ought to be, like most scholarly essays I've read, she actually presents quite a different view about beauty. I think the thesis of this essay is that regardless of size, shape, or form, we can not deny what is typically pleasing to the general run of the population. Postrel uses a popular cosmetic industry in our society, Dove as an example to prove her point. Dove is accredited towards convincing every woman that she can be beautiful. For example, while trying to convince bigger women that they can be beautiful, Dove uses bigger women, but even then, these women have fat in all the right places, have smooth skin, beautiful hair, and generally pleasing faces, which goes on to justify Postrel's theory; "Our eyes and brains pretty consistently like some human forms better than others." I found this essay extremely insightful, and it provided me with the background on a question that I have always mulled over. Is it fair to tell every woman she is beautiful just the way she is? Does this not give her false hope, and stir away from the reality of her situation? Are people just evoking the message that every woman CAN be beautiful to be politically correct?

What is Beauty?

What is Beauty?
When I began reading The Truth About Beauty I expected it to be something cliche and generic about how women do not see themselves as beautiful, because the media gives them unrealistic standards to live up to. While my guess wasn't completely off the thesis of the essay was more focused on how some people are actually beautiful, and some simply are not. The essay went on to give examples through advertisements that Dove has produced using women of many different skin colors and shapes and sizes. I've actually seen these Dove advertisements before and I think that they are really powerful pieces. I liked how Postrel supported her writing by using Dove examples, but it really struck me when she basically just said in a very blunt manner that, "Everyone falls short of perfection, but some are luckier than others". Postrel said this toward the very ending of her essay, meaning that it was something powerful she wished to close her essay with. While I would like to say that I do not think society sees women as being beautiful or not being beautiful I think Postrel is correct, and that truly is the way we see things. If I was to ask everyone one question it would be what do you define beauty as?


When I started to read this article I thought it would be about how every woman is beautiful and how the media has warped that perception. Little did i know this was an article about how beauty is a scientific fact. There is such things that humans look for to show a good mate like symmetry and soft girly features. In a Dove campaign they took a beautiful girl and altered her appearance to show what the media does. the surprising part is that the article shows how they just made a pretty face more beautiful , which shows how the media has given us unrealistic standards. This article argues that there is such a thing as pretty and ugly people.

I think this articles thesis is that there is a harsh reality and there is a scientific fact of beauty; it also states how the media gives us unreal standards for beauty. "there's only one problem: Beauty exists, and it's unevenly distributed. Our eyes and brains pretty consistently like some human forms better than others." Not Everyone is beautiful it is a cold fact, but most every human has flaws and everyone wishes they could be different some how.

Do you think there is such thing as "every woman is beautiful" even with all the scientific evidence?

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Tannen - Communication Styles

In reading this essay it made me think a lot. I thought of the questions she had done research on and what I would prefer. The evidence showed that girls preferred to work in small groups and felt it was easier to speak up. It showed that boys liked to work in bigger groups and have their work criticized. Her thesis was that boys and girls learn differently yet teachers normally teach one way.
So I ask you then, what type of learning situation do you like to learn in? To be honest I don't agree with her on how girls like to learn. I do like small groups sometimes, but I also like large groups too. Honestly it just depends on how comfortable I am with the people. I am perfectly fine with standing in front of a class talking. It definitely makes it easier if I know the people in the class. It also depends really on the day. Sometimes I feel like letting other people talk and other days I decide to voice my opinion. When she says that "Typically, a girl has a best friend with whom she sits and talks, frequently telling secrets. It's the telling of secrets, the fact and way that they talk to each other that makes them best friends." she goes on to tell that boys interact and play in larger groups. I don't believe that is always true. Growing up had best friends, but always more then one. Then again I also am the type of person who gets along with most anyone. I am just not sure you can group learning and communicating into boys vs. girl. I think it is more of a personality quality.

response to short film

In the short film we saw in class today several things struck me as people were uprooted. In a country that as poverty it is difficult to live, even know picking up trash is not enough to buy food and other things needed to live. Families that are up rooted they have family on their mind first. These family members that are separated it is hard for them to communicate if someone is alive, unless having a cell phone making communication easier. Also simple tattoos can have identified family members that were separated for a long period of time. “43,000,000 people have lost some or all their family members do to the killings taking place.

There was a time in my life where I did have to move when I was very young. But, it was not out of state of course. It was because of my parents divorcing each other. Several things came out of this. I got a bigger room, and I could still see my dad ever once and a-while on special occasions with my sister.

If I didn’t have to move I probably would have never quit playing, because where we live now it was too hard find people new people to talk to. This was because we lived in a neighborhood off of Powell road which mostly was switched between the different Olentangy schools in the district. Elementary I switched about four times; and for middle and high school, I switched twice. After each switch I would only talk to people I knew because I was shy and didn’t know others.

My experience in college is great so far. I really haven’t made too many adjustments except for choosing when I want to wake for my classes and enjoy not being in high school. The worst is trying to get my work done when there is distraction at being home. My goals I have are to find some kind of job to help pay for college and a car. Where I can also get some money to put aside for when I need it. My goals aren’t really being met because for me education comes first over finding a job. Also why there not being met is because I can be a little shy at first at times.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Response to Refugees United Documentary

What struck me about the film the most was that fact that the refugees had to work hard to pay for their families to live. They would often hold jobs that do not provide much pay for them to buy food for their family members. While some had a few family members left, most had lost all of their family members because they had already been killed in the wars. It is really sad to see them suffer like this.

My biggest change in my life was moving from my old house to my new house during my freshman year of high school. It was a really changing factor in my life because not only would I be still going to the same school district, but also I would be forced to adapt into a new environment as well. The new environment was the neighborhood that does not have any kids in it. It was really hard to adapt to a neighborhood that had no other kids in it because I had to spend time with my friends that lived about five or ten miles away from my neighborhood. After a few years, it was really easy to adjust to the environment of the neighborhood.

The adjustments that I made for college is changing my appearance, work habits, and my social life. I changed my appearance so I could be more presentable to people when I engage with them socially. My works habits now have improved since high school because now I get all of my work done on time. My social life is moving forward because now I have many friends that I engage in activities with like going to parties and working with them on projects that is for class work.

Happy? Not For Long

Through this short film, I saw many different aspects of being uprooted. Many of the individuals that were interviewed were uprooted from their families, due to a governmental dispute, or war in their nation. Many of these people had to tragically see their family members be executed in front of their eyes. One particular boy that really appealed to me was a 22-year-old Congolese, named Byrahanga Casambo. He lived a comfortable life, and his father was a doctor. When his house was ambushed, and the soldiers failed to find his father to kill, they killed his mother instead, and he was forced to take his two brothers, and sister to a refugee camp, and be an active father figure in their lives. "I could be a father later, but not now. To life in poverty is difficult," he says. This is an extremely heart-wrenching situation to live in, and no one so young should have to go through it.

To be honest, I've never had a time in my life where I've had to make change in my living situation. My father got his PhD at OSU, and after he married my mother, they moved back here, and I was born in Ohio, and have lived here for my whole entire life. I'm thankful for the life I have. Many of us should feel blessed to live in a war-free, and independent nation, like the United States. We take it for granted from time to time, but we are truly lucky.

One significant adjustment I have had to make in college has been compromising to other peoples' time. I was in a serious car accident in November, and I now don't have my own means of transportation, and depend on my parents for rides. This has been a significant change for me, because I can't just walk to Delaware, like I could my high school, nor is there a public transportation vehicle that would take me there. As far as my learning habits are concerned, I've taken my education far more seriously, as opposed to trudging through my classes, I participate actively in class discussion, and make sure to work my hardest at everything I do. College is a privilege, and we pay our precious dollars for a good education, we ought to make the most of it

Friday, February 10, 2012

The holiest Dalai Lama

My favorite passage from "Inner peace and Human Rights" is paragraph ten. Where Dahlia lama sounds upset. Dalia is at an urgent concern at which more Chinese are pouring into the Tibet provinces. The Chinese government is also encouraging settlers to move to these provinces. By which Dahlia Lama feels that these settlers will destroy the very survival of the Tibetan people as a nation as it already is a minority. If I live a life like Dahlia Lama, I would feel the same way about Chinese coming in by the government.

About the author Dahlia Lama about him being known as the "holiness" as an Aurthur as stated by Wisdom publications. He has several books he wrote on how to be compassionate and devote our to developing our own peace of mind. Also how more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own peace of mind and to do so we must develop compassion for other in order to be truly happy. As an holly writer he takes to non-violence by writing teaching that may help out during worst times. Some of his greatest books can be found on the website below.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Overcoming All the Prejudice

I enjoyed reading, Inner Peace and Human Right because I strongly agree that, “True peace with oneself and with the world around us can only be achieved through the development of mental peace.” In order to overcome obstacles within yourself and the world around you, you have to start with the progress of your own mental peace and happiness. I wish there was some way we could overcome all the prejudice and hatred of the world. Tenzin Gyato, the 14th Dalai Lama, goes out of his way to explain the Five Point Peace Plan. I respect what the Dalai Lama is trying to get across, and hopefully we can all look at Peace the way he did and put aside the hate.
BogyokeAung San, the father of Aung San Suu Kyi, was known for founding the Burmese Independence Army. In 1947, he negotiated Burma’s independence from British Empire. Unfortunately, Aung San’s rivals leading back to the former Prime Minister, U Saw, didn’t approve of his doings and assassinated him, along with six cabinet members not long after establishing independence. Sadly, Aung San Suu Kyi was about the age two when her father was assassinated.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exploration 6

My favorite passage in the speech Inner Peace and Human Rights is the first paragraphy.

"Peace, in the sense of the absence of war, is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold. It will not remove the pain of torture inflicted on a prisoner of conscience. It does not comfort those who have lost their loved ones in floods caused by senseless deforestation in a neighboring country. Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free." He explains the peace, he explains that a lasting peace for nations and for individuals depends on a sense of justice and opportunity. Also, He point out peace is more than just the absence of war.

Why does the Chinese government consider the Dalai Lama a threat and a criminal?

The reason that chinese government consider the Dalai Lama a threat is beacuse Chineses government mantains that the Dalai Lama wants an independent Tibet. Also, Chinese governement this he is the single greatest threat to the unity of the Chinese nation.

"The Dalai Lama has been said to have "the face of a man and the heart of a beast" and is "a wolf in monk's robes." These words are not from some backwater cadre; rather a spokesperson of the Chinese central government in Beijing and the senior official of the Tibet Autonomous Region spoke them."

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exploration 6

A passage I believe that was good, was in The Revolution of Spirit by Aung San Suu Kyi when her son quotes her "the concept of perfection, the urge to achieve it, the intelligence to find a path towards it, and the will to follow that path if not to the end, at least the distance needed to rise above individual limitation" (637). This is my favorite quote from the speech because not only does it apply to the people of Burma but to everyone. The quote talk about trying to get to your goal. It says that you can want to do anything you want but until you try to do something about it, you will not achieve what you want to achieve. I believe it is important because it talks about the problems that will rise in between, but if you have the passion towards it, it will not stop you.
Self-immolation refers to setting oneself on fire, often as a form of protest or for the purposes of martyrdom or suicide. The widespread of self-immolations of the Buddhist monks in western media established the practice as a type of a political protest. Self-immolations are often public, dramatic, political, and thus newsworthy. Sself-immolations are not intended to inflict physical harm or material damage. They attract attention and become glorified as martyrdom, because of
the perception of great pain, but they do not guarantee death for the burned. While the burning of vital tissue can be very painful during self-immolation, shock can quickly make the event painless.
Picture of a monk in the process of self-immolation.
There has been a rise in self-immolationin in Tibet. Saturday Januray 14, a Tibetan set himself on fire. The police fired on hundreds of locals, killing one, as they attempted to rescue the burned body from officials. However, it was not immediately known to anyone that aTibetan died in the latest self-immolation incident. At least 19 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in the past year in protest against what they see as repressive policies in Tibet.
Picture of a Phontsok, a 21 year-old Tibetan monk from Ngaba Kirti Monastery after he bravely self-immolated, protesting the Chinese government's crackdown in Tibet.

Exploration 6

Part - One
I am going to choose the first paragraphy for the Dalai Lama's Speech. This is very important passage because here Dalai Lama address the problem and also, provides us with the solution to it. In the beginninig, he starts out saying what peace is. he explains that Peace is "sense of the absence of war". he says that through peace we cannot bring back loved ones. Dalai Lama says, "Peace can only last where humazn right are respected.....True peace with oneself and with the world around us can only be achieved through the development of mental peace." In this quote, he explains the right way to achieve peace.  He explains that Peace should be acheived inside them then, they can only bring peace to others. He even belives that this peace could last only by respecting everyone's rights. Also, if the nations are free of war or people are free. 

Part- two
Who decides who get to be Dalai Lama
Dalai lama are the head of the Tibet Government, they are responsible to govern Tibet. Dalai Lama's are the incarnation of the previous Lama, according to Tibet's people. The next Dalai Lama is chosen when the current Dalai Lama Dies. Then, the high Lama's of galeugpa traditions and as well as the Tibetan government search the next Dalai Lama. The next Dalai Lama is going to be a boy who was born around the time the Dalai Lama passed away. The high Lama usually get a sign of some sort indicating them to the next Lama. If they dont they will go to the Holy Lake, Lhamo Lhatso to watch for a sign of the boy. This process usuallly takes them several years. Finally, when tehy find the boy they show him some artifacts of the previous lama and make him to choose. If the boy choose the artifacts of the old Lama then, he is the next Dalai Lama.

I couldnt find who is the most famous Dalai Lama. I find the procedure to locate the next Dalai lama invalid anybody could be the next Dalai Lama but, how can we know they are real and the incarnation of the previous Dalai Lama.

This is website kind a summarized the process for us. I find it really usefull. This webiste also has information on how the current Dalai Lama was chosen.

The Tenzin Gyatso, the current, and 14th Dalai Lama

Who decides who gets to be Dalai Lama? The government and the high lamas of Gelugpa tradition works together and tries to locate a boy that was born at the same day the Dalai Lama dies. It could take several years to identify the boy. Then high lamas take action if he worthy of his tittle. One of the ways to identify the lama is, if he had a mark or he has been seen in one of the high lamas’ dreams.” High Lamas may also go to a holy lake, called Lhamo Lhatso, located in central Tibet, and watch for a sign from the lake. The sign may be either a vision or some type of indication pointing them to the direction they should search in” http://www.buzzle.com/articles/choosing-a-dalai-lama.html

Exploration 6

Tibet consists of the high mountains, lakes and rivers lying between Central, East and South Asia. Tibet also has some of the world's tallest mountains. Tibet is considered to be divided into two parts, the "lake region" in the west and north-west, and the "river region."Both regions receive limited amounts of rainfall as they lie in the shadows of the Himalaya Mountains. Tibet has a rainy season and dry season, with the rainfall being very unbalanced. In spring and winter it tends to be dry and windy. During the rainy season, which runs from June to September, the rain fall increases dramatically. The economy of Tibet is dominated by subsistence agriculture. what this means is the livestock is the primary occupation in Tibet. Tibet's main source of economic income come from there sheep, cattle, goats, camels, yaks, donkeys and horses. The main crops grown are wheat, buckwheat, rye, potatoes, oats, rapeseed, cotton and assorted fruits and vegetables.

My favorite passage came from Dali Lama's nobel piece prize speech. what he said was "Responsiblity does not only lie with the leaders of our countries or with those who have been appointed or elected to a particular job it lies with each one of us individually when our community is in a inner state of piece, it can that piece with neighboring communities."
the reason i choose this quote is because i agree with Dali Lama that us as people hold the crucial component to reach inner peace. another reason why i choose this passage is because Dali Lama's non violent ways and the way he proposed to settle controversial disputes.


Exploration 6
the congressional human rights Caucus in 1987 a five points peace plan designed to ensure the integrity of Tibet. First designate Tibet as zone of peace, in this particular point Dalai Lama meant respect human right in support of peace in Tibet. 2) end the massive transfer of ethnic Chinese into Tibet. in my understanding i believe he want homogenise population in Tibet where every one speaks the same language and believes Buddhism 3) restore to Tibet fundamental human rights and Democratic freedoms, let the people practice the basic human rights. 4)abandon Chine's use of Tibet to produce nuclear weapons and as dumping ground for the nuclear waste, This point is true in many Nations who can't protect their sea shore and land. and 5) create a self-governing Tibet, in association with the people's Republic of china. This also emphasis the importance of self-governed. unfortunately none of these proposals came to pass.
Many of the authentic lineage masters who were fully educated in Tibet before going into exile in 1959 are now very elderly or are already deceased.every passing day there is genuine danger of losing more essential aspects of there heritage.

Exploration Six

From The Dalai Lama's Inner Peace and Human Rights speech, my favorite quote was "True peace with oneself and with the world around us can be achieved through the development of mental peace." I find this quote particularly appealing because I totally concur with the idea behind this statement. In order to maintain a peaceful society, each one of us as individuals ought to establish peace within our own minds so we may guide each other in the path of peace.
Siddhartha Gautama, which is Sanskrit means "the awakened one", founded the religion of Buddhism between 6-4 BCE. Buddhism consists of four major concepts, including issues of life and the world, suffering causes and their solutions, nature of existence, and liberation. There are an estimated 350-500 million practicing Buddhists residing in the world currently. Doing yoga and meditation is a key aspect of the religion

Past Dalai Lamas

"Peace, in the sense of the absence of war, is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold". What The 14 Dalai Lama means by that quote is that we should address the issue of how people are living. We cannot just say that people are living in peace are are happy if they are dying of hunger and are too cold to survive.

  • Gendun Drup was the very first Dalai Lama
  • He lived during the years 1391–1474
  • Drubpa founded two major monasteries, Drepung and Tashillhunpo In 1447, Gendun Drup founded the great monastery of Tashilhunpo at Shigatse, which later became the seat of the Panchen Lamas
  • Gendun Drup had no political power. It was in the hands of viceroys such as the Sakyas, the prince of Tsang, and the Mongolian Khan
  • He remained the abbot of Tashilhunpo Monastery until he died while meditating in 1474 at the age of 84
  • For more info click here

  • Another pas Lalai Lama was Thubten Gyatso
  • Gyatso lived from 1876–1933
  • He died in 1933 at age 57. His was enthronement was in 1978
  • On December 1908, when he returned to Tibet he began reorganizing the government, but the Qing sent a military expedition of its own to Tibet during 1910 and he had to flee to India
  • For more info click here

Exploration 6

What is the situation with the new railroad from Shanghai to Tibet? What did this project cost and why do some in Tibet see it as a threat?
A railroad was constructed was first proposed in 1917-1920 to be 100,000 km long and travel through China into Tibet. Because of a lack of funds and technology, it was not completed for many years. They started building a small portion of it in 1959. The majority of the railroad was not built until 2001 and took 5 years to complete. The first passanger train to travel along the railroad was not until 2006. The highest point of the railroad is 16,640 feet above sea level. These high elevations have caused some deaths among passengers, and it is not required that every passenger has access to an oxygen mask and one doctor travels in every passenger train. There are 45 train stations with a plan of adding 13 more. The cost of production was about $3.68 billion. Some Tibet people see this railroad as a threat because they feel China built it to strengthen their control over Tibet and would encourage more Han immigration from China.
Here is a link about the first passenger train to travel the railroad: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2006-10/01/content_700851.htm

My favorite passage was in The Resolution of Spirit. It was the fifth paragraph when Aung San Suu Kyi's son said "It is on their behalf that I thank you, from my heart, for the supreme honour. The Burmese people can today hold their heads a little higher in the knowledge that in this far distant land their suffering has been heard and heeded". I like this passage because I feel like it shows the fact that the Burmese people have been suffering for a long time without feeling support or care from the outside world. It had to be hard for them to go through all of this and feel completely alone and powerless. When he talks about the fact that they know they have finally been heard, I think it was probably a huge relief for a lot of people living there knowing they could get more help now and that people from far off in the world cared about their well beings.

Exploration Six

My favorite quote is from the Revolution of the Spirit the speech for Aung San suu Kyi. Her son tells us how she would feel today if she were to give the speech. Aung has beliefs that make her feel strongly against violence. Her son speaks: "I know that if she were free today my mother would in thanking you also ask you to pray that the oppressed should throw down their weapons and join together to build a nation founded on humanity in the spirit of peace." Aung wants to solve the problems in Burma though peace not war. She would want them to "throw down their weapons" and fight with humanity and in the spirit of peace.

What is Aung Sun's situation currently?
Since Aung had received the prize she has been released from arrest and is now running for parliamentary seats in Burma. She is traveling across the country campaigning for the position. The government in Burma is beginning reforms to become more democratic. Even though, the government is working on reforms the junta biased army still has control. The army is most likely to receive most of the seats in the upper and lower parliament. Many political prisoners have been released through the reforms to the government.

Link: http://blogs.voanews.com/breaking-news/2012/02/07/aung-san-suu-kyi-takes-campaign-to-irrawaddy/

The Nobel Peace Prize

The 14th Dalai Lama won the Noble Peace Prize in 1989 mainly for his intellectual and specific vision of peace. In 1987, he proposed a Five-Point Peace Plan designed to ensure the integrity of Tibet, which exposed his intelligence. In his Inner Peace and Human Rights speech in 1989, he said, "Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free." This passage gives a breakdown of what, in his opinion, is essential for peace in society. Most of the world would agree with his requirements. The lack of food would lead to chaos and violence. The lack of respect for the people's rights would lead to rebellions and protests. The lack of freedom would lead to rebellions. Overall, all three of his essentials are simply required for peace and the United States had to go through some of the problems from woman's rights to slavery in the 19th and 20th centuries. Now inner peace is present in our daily society and the 14th Dalai Lama has had an impact on achieving peace in many other nations all over the globe.
The Nobel Peace prize is given on behalf of the Swedish industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel to the people who have "done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." Some winners of the prize including the 14th Dalai Lama in 1989, are Barack Obama in 2009, Jimmy Carter in 2002, Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964, Nelson Mandela in 1993, Theodore Roosevelt in 1903, and Al Gore in 2007. There are many other winners to one of the biggest prize in the world today, and these are the ones most people are familiar with.

Nobles Prizes found here:

Exploration Six

Controversies of the Dalai Lama

While we read of the Dalai Lama being a popular and influential man receiving a nobel peace prize not everyone speaks so highly of him. There are many people who criticize the Dalai Lama for a variety of reasons. One reason was said by the twelfth Samding Dorje Phagmo who said that "The sins of the Dalai Lama and his followers seriously violate the basis teachings and precepts of Buddhism and seriously damage traditional Tibetan Buddhism's normal order and good reputation". Another controversy occurred when two factions of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism chose two different Karmapas. The Dalai Lama chose to support the Urgyen Trinley Dorje, so then the members of the Trinley Thaye Dorje said that the Dalai Lama had to reason to be allowed to chose a side because he had no authority in the matter and he had no historical precedence to be involved. Julian Gearing felt that there was a political motive to the Dalai Lama's decision and said, "The Dala Lama gave his blessing to the recognition of Trinley, eager to win over the former troublesome sect, and with the hope that the new Karmapa could play a role in a political solution of the 'Tibet Question'". The Chinese press has also criticized the Dalai Lama for his close relationship with India. He has been accused by the Chinese as being a "Tibetan in appearance, but an Indian in spirituality". There are close ties between Chinese Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama had been accused of betraying Tibet to India.

After I did some research on the Dalai Lama I was able to better understand the reading that we did for class. Overall the Dalai Lama is a man of peace and is even referred to as, His Holiness. As we learned in class he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but the reason was somewhat unclear in our reading. He was awarded this great award for his non-violent struggle for the liberation of Tibet. He consistently advocated for people to act in a non-violent way, even in times of anger and aggression. Along with wanting things to be performed in a nonviolent way he was also an advocate for global environmental problems. He truly is a great man who has received an unbelievable amount of awards, has met with people anywhere from the president to the prime minister and has even written books. After accomplishing so many tasks the Dalai Lama simply refers to himself as a simple Buddhist monk.

Exploration 6

In the speech Inner Peace and Human Rights my favorite line was "without inner peace, no matter how comfortable your life is materially, you may still be worried, disturbed or unhappy because of circumstance." I like this quote because I think it has a good meaning. No one can be happy when they have a conflict with themselves first. It has to be settled and then you can truly be happy and peaceful. I find that true with anything. If countries or nations are at war, the people that make up the country will not be happy or undisturbed until everything is settled. The Dalai Lama won the peace prize in 1989 when he was dealing with Tibet and China having conflict.

My question was why did Burma change its name to Myanmar? I did some research on this topic and came up with that In 1989, the military officially changed the English version of the country’s name from Burma to Myanmar. They also made changes to the English versions of many other places in the country. Myanmar is the written name of the country, whereas Burma is the oral name. I found that many opposition groups and countries continue today to still use Burma because they don't want to recognize the ruling military government or any authority in that matter that have the power to rename the country. To read more about Burma continue on to https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/bm.html

Exploration Six By Taylor Farneman

"However, it is my deepest hope that it will not be in the face of complete economic collapse that the regime will fall, but that the ruling junta my yet heed such appeals to basic humanity as that which the Nobel Committee has expressed in its award of this year's Prize." (Aung San Suu Kyi, The Revolution of Spirit(1991), Essay Connections 597). This passage is significant to me because it basically describes why Aung San Suu Kyi is receiving that Nobel Peace Prize for humane efforts to bring freedom and equality to the people of Myanmar. It also stands out to the oppressed people in Myanmar and to the government as well.

The current leader of Myanmar is President Thein Sein. He entered office Feb. 3, 2011, after the last dictator resigned from office and gave him the office and to become prime minister of Myanmar. Then last year in February, the parliament of Myanmar decided to put him in office as President of Myanmar. Since he just took power last year, he has transformed the country from a totalitarian state into a parliamentary democracy.


The Nobel Prize

The Noble Prize was bequeathed by the Swedish industrialist and inventor Alfred Nobel. The prize was established in 1895. The Nobel Peace Prize is frequently described as the most prestigious prize among the Nobel Prizes, and indeed, as "the world's most prestigious prize". The recipient of a Noble Prize is selected by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a 5-member committee appointed by the Parliament of Norway. Alfred stated this is how it should be done in his will. Along with the Noble Peace Prize there are four other categories Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine, and Literature.
The other four categories are awarded in Stockholm Sweden by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet, and the Swedish Academy. the Noble Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo City Hall in Oslo, Norway by the Norwegian Noble Institute. Since 1901 92 Noble Peace Prizes have been awarded. It has not been awarded on 19 occasions. 62 Peace Prizes have been given to one Laureate only, 28 Peace Prizes have been shared by two Laureates, and 2 Peace Prizes has been shared between three persons. (http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/shortfacts.html) The prizes winners receive a medal, personal diploma, and a cash award. The money comes from the Noble estate. As stated in Noble's will, one part [the peace prize] was dedicated to "the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses".

This was my favorite quote from The Revolution of Spirit, "It is on their behalf that I thank you, from the heart, for this supreme honour. the Burmese people can today hold their heads a little higher in the knowledge that in this distant land their suffering has been heard and heeded." I liked this quote best because it shows the world and the people of Burma that we do care. We care about their plight and want to help them with their problems. It shows that the rest of the world is not turning a blind eye to the countries in trouble. Just the fact that the world knew Aung San Suu Kyi's story is enough to show the countries going through a revolution we do care. We want to help bring democracy to these people. We respect that fact that you are doing this in a non violent way.
Aung San Suu Kyi did a lot with her non violent movement. Her party won the elections but the results were voided by the military state. She spent 16 years under house arrest and didn't want to be released even to see her dying husband. She was very focused on her movement and the cause. I respect her so much for what she did. Her son wrote a very moving speech as well.