Friday, February 17, 2012


When I started to read this article I thought it would be about how every woman is beautiful and how the media has warped that perception. Little did i know this was an article about how beauty is a scientific fact. There is such things that humans look for to show a good mate like symmetry and soft girly features. In a Dove campaign they took a beautiful girl and altered her appearance to show what the media does. the surprising part is that the article shows how they just made a pretty face more beautiful , which shows how the media has given us unrealistic standards. This article argues that there is such a thing as pretty and ugly people.

I think this articles thesis is that there is a harsh reality and there is a scientific fact of beauty; it also states how the media gives us unreal standards for beauty. "there's only one problem: Beauty exists, and it's unevenly distributed. Our eyes and brains pretty consistently like some human forms better than others." Not Everyone is beautiful it is a cold fact, but most every human has flaws and everyone wishes they could be different some how.

Do you think there is such thing as "every woman is beautiful" even with all the scientific evidence?

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  1. Mandy, good job as you and Alicia are on the right track here. I do think you ask the next good question here, too, or point it to us: what, besides beauty, attracts others? We know that in some people, intelligence is a huge draw, or creativity, or common beliefs, or sense of humor, or creative talents/passions. I think the big picture of beauty is a complex one, but I like the fact that the article is blunt about the fact that some people have more "conventional" beauty than others, while at the same time we know that those standards can change from era to era and culture to culture. Does anyone know what size Marilyn Monroe was? You might be surprised.