Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Horror Story

I want to start off by saying that this is my favorite movie. I watched it when it first came out and multiple times afterwards. I disagree with any critic that gave it a bad review. Some critics said it doesn't depict the diamond industry full, but I think it shows all that matters. Any business ends and tradeoffs are absolutely unimportant after visualizing the events prior to the sale of diamonds. Child soldiers are a horror story in and of itself. I believe love and family are the main themes seen in the main characters, Archer and Soloman.
Soloman Vandy struggles to find his family when they're separated from start to finish of the story. Showing his love and affection for his son, he risks his life multiple times by going into the refugee weaponless. Soloman said, "I will find you, if it takes my life." His son didn't even recognize him from all the drugs and we see that play a tole on Ismael in A Long Way Gone. The whole brainwashing process is devilish and the thousands of kids that are put through that every year is horrific. It truly pains me when that goes on and hollywood critics are grading a movie that realistically displays these stories. I think the movie is larger than a critics review and should be viewed as a documentary based on a world issue present throughout the whole continent of Africa.
Archer, the other main character of the story, is a selfish individual who simply roams the land of Sierra Leone in search of diamonds. His love and affection is through the blood diamond that can get him out of the business for good. He finds Maddie Bowen in the city and soon fall in love. Some critics said that her character is pointless, but I think an American is crucial in the story since they are the ones who buy the rings. She is a reporter who is in Sierra Leone in attempt to make a difference. She said, "The people back home wouldn't buy a ring if they knew it cost someone else their hand." I think she is a crucial part of the story and completely disagree with the critics. She serves as a role model and a caring human being. She sees the issues in Sierra Leone at first hand and attempts to bring attention to the problems by writing Soloman's story.
Overall, I think the movie is brilliant and made me look into the subject. I would be glad to do anything to help. Although the movie hasn't moved enough eyes due to current issues in Africa, it moved me. I felt the struggles of Solomon and people should learn to accept what they have. I think people in the world today don't show the love their family deserves and really don't understand how much they mean to them until they're gone. Personally, I could never tell my mom to "shut up" unlike some people in todays society. I think I owe my life to her and everyone in my family. They come before anything and they made me what I am today.

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  1. Feras, good joib on getting this up here now. I think the critics who criticize the female reporter's character are doing it out of the viewpoint that she is too one dimensional, but i agree with you that we need this dimension in the film. She is the film's conscience, and her affect upon Archer shows that people can change, and will do the right thing once they see the humanity in doing the right thing. I really was inspired by the movie as well. You also bring up the issue of respecting parents and elders, and wasn't that a theme we saw in A Long Way Gone? How when war and youth rule, you have chaos? That would make a nice essay to study that theme in Beah's book and I forgot about it today when we were brainstorming in class. Good job!