Monday, February 20, 2012


The communication essay by Deborah Tannen stuck out to me the most to me because it brought up many different points. It talked about how men and women communicate. Some people believe that when the two genders are separated they learn a lot better but research shows that when the genders are together they learn a better. All my life I've been in classes with a mix of boys and girls and I don't think it had any impact on me as a student. I never really thought about it until I read this essay. There was one thing that I wasn't too sure about in the essay. "Yet speaking in a classroom is more congenial to boys' language experience than to girls', since it entails putting oneself forward in front of a large group of people". What she is saying is that boys work better in larger groups rather than girls. From her study she thinks that if the two sexes were separated they could learn and do better in schools.
Should classes be separated by gender?
I honestly don't think so because its sometimes better to work with someone from the other sex and understand someone else's point of view.


  1. I never thought that there was a difference between boys and girls in the classroom. I always thought that people learn based on their personalities and the way they were raised.

  2. I agree, I never noticed a difference neither.

  3. boy and girls shouldnt be separated because i dont think the kids would be able to develop good social skills

  4. Should classes be separated by gender?
    I don't think so because in a way, I don't think it would be equal. Since both are taught differently, I don't think that they will be the same. There are some schools that are separated by gender but you have an option to go there.