Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exploration 6
the congressional human rights Caucus in 1987 a five points peace plan designed to ensure the integrity of Tibet. First designate Tibet as zone of peace, in this particular point Dalai Lama meant respect human right in support of peace in Tibet. 2) end the massive transfer of ethnic Chinese into Tibet. in my understanding i believe he want homogenise population in Tibet where every one speaks the same language and believes Buddhism 3) restore to Tibet fundamental human rights and Democratic freedoms, let the people practice the basic human rights. 4)abandon Chine's use of Tibet to produce nuclear weapons and as dumping ground for the nuclear waste, This point is true in many Nations who can't protect their sea shore and land. and 5) create a self-governing Tibet, in association with the people's Republic of china. This also emphasis the importance of self-governed. unfortunately none of these proposals came to pass.
Many of the authentic lineage masters who were fully educated in Tibet before going into exile in 1959 are now very elderly or are already deceased.every passing day there is genuine danger of losing more essential aspects of there heritage.


  1. It's really sad that they are loosing important heritage everyday and so quickly.

  2. It is really sad to hear that thier culture, religion and way of life will soon be lost.