Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exploration 6

A passage I believe that was good, was in The Revolution of Spirit by Aung San Suu Kyi when her son quotes her "the concept of perfection, the urge to achieve it, the intelligence to find a path towards it, and the will to follow that path if not to the end, at least the distance needed to rise above individual limitation" (637). This is my favorite quote from the speech because not only does it apply to the people of Burma but to everyone. The quote talk about trying to get to your goal. It says that you can want to do anything you want but until you try to do something about it, you will not achieve what you want to achieve. I believe it is important because it talks about the problems that will rise in between, but if you have the passion towards it, it will not stop you.
Self-immolation refers to setting oneself on fire, often as a form of protest or for the purposes of martyrdom or suicide. The widespread of self-immolations of the Buddhist monks in western media established the practice as a type of a political protest. Self-immolations are often public, dramatic, political, and thus newsworthy. Sself-immolations are not intended to inflict physical harm or material damage. They attract attention and become glorified as martyrdom, because of
the perception of great pain, but they do not guarantee death for the burned. While the burning of vital tissue can be very painful during self-immolation, shock can quickly make the event painless.
Picture of a monk in the process of self-immolation.
There has been a rise in self-immolationin in Tibet. Saturday Januray 14, a Tibetan set himself on fire. The police fired on hundreds of locals, killing one, as they attempted to rescue the burned body from officials. However, it was not immediately known to anyone that aTibetan died in the latest self-immolation incident. At least 19 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in the past year in protest against what they see as repressive policies in Tibet.
Picture of a Phontsok, a 21 year-old Tibetan monk from Ngaba Kirti Monastery after he bravely self-immolated, protesting the Chinese government's crackdown in Tibet.


  1. This article is very disturbing and i find it hard to believe that it is actually happening, but with the pictures it makes it clear that it is. And it surprises me that they don't always die after this.

  2. These pictures are crazy and gross. But man, I didn't know setting yourself on fire was a popular way of protest. Definitely not the route I would take.

  3. Seher, I thought this was such a powerful post! The pictures are so graphic and hard to look at, but they help the piece so much. I understand why the monks feel that what they are doing is right, whether I agree with it or not, but I personally just could not even imagine doing that to myself. I keep reading through your piece, but every time I do I just cannot help but get caught up in looking at how devastating the pictures are.

  4. wow i didn't know putting yourself on fire was an appropriate way to protest their that's crazy.