Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exploration Six

My favorite quote is from the Revolution of the Spirit the speech for Aung San suu Kyi. Her son tells us how she would feel today if she were to give the speech. Aung has beliefs that make her feel strongly against violence. Her son speaks: "I know that if she were free today my mother would in thanking you also ask you to pray that the oppressed should throw down their weapons and join together to build a nation founded on humanity in the spirit of peace." Aung wants to solve the problems in Burma though peace not war. She would want them to "throw down their weapons" and fight with humanity and in the spirit of peace.

What is Aung Sun's situation currently?
Since Aung had received the prize she has been released from arrest and is now running for parliamentary seats in Burma. She is traveling across the country campaigning for the position. The government in Burma is beginning reforms to become more democratic. Even though, the government is working on reforms the junta biased army still has control. The army is most likely to receive most of the seats in the upper and lower parliament. Many political prisoners have been released through the reforms to the government.

Link: http://blogs.voanews.com/breaking-news/2012/02/07/aung-san-suu-kyi-takes-campaign-to-irrawaddy/


  1. Nice to know that she is still involved in the politics of her country. She is very spiritual and the fact that she chose this path over revenge shows you how strong she is. The speech her sons wrote was done very well.

  2. I really like how Lyi sincerely cares about peace. She doesn't really care to acknowledge that much that her people appreciate her, but she genuinely wants to work towards the well being of the nation of Burma, which makes her all the more admirable.

  3. It is good to know that she has not given up in giving her people their freedom and she is back in to politics to make a difference not only in her country but also the world.

  4. it is good to know that she is free. but i wonder know the Noble peac prize wound change is she were their to give the speech.