Friday, February 17, 2012

Expressing your thoughts in Class

I loved reading Deborah Tannen essay on Communication Style. It really struck to me that, men usually are the one who express their thought often in class. The thesis was conversation styles. The thesis itself drew my attention because it is going to be fascinating to hear about gender difference and its effects on communication. Tannen says that men are more comfortable expressing themselves. She also says that men involve themselves in discussions to display their knowledge and skills. I agree to most of her propositions. I felt that the essay was complete because she provided us with the solution and as well as the solution to the problem. The one thing that I felt was strongest of all is when she was providing us with the reasons for this differences. She says," Many of whom are strangers and at least one of whom is sure to judge speakers knowledge and intelligence by their verbal display." I totally agree with her because I have heard many people use the same excuses. This reason that Tannen provide is very logic and also, the main reason why people don't discuss more in class. When I was in India, the situation was different. Women used engage more in class discussion then, boys. The reason boys used was that they didn't want people to treat them like nerds. They wanted to be masculine and the only way it was to show some arrogance. They didn't want people to think they study at home because people then consider them as nerd . I have only one question that is 
1. How did she base her teaching on? her thought about difference failed in India? I am just curious to know this answer. I understand that she did some research. According to my understanding it is totally opposite in India. I also want to know what could the reason be for that difference?


  1. I really like the fact that you brought in your own experience from India. It is interesting to realize how different the communication style is over there compared to the U.S.

  2. I totally agree with you, and I think many of us who read this essay agree as well. It seems that in most situations, girls are the ones that participate more that boys, but she seems to have a completely different theory about this, which is interesting.