Friday, February 10, 2012

The holiest Dalai Lama

My favorite passage from "Inner peace and Human Rights" is paragraph ten. Where Dahlia lama sounds upset. Dalia is at an urgent concern at which more Chinese are pouring into the Tibet provinces. The Chinese government is also encouraging settlers to move to these provinces. By which Dahlia Lama feels that these settlers will destroy the very survival of the Tibetan people as a nation as it already is a minority. If I live a life like Dahlia Lama, I would feel the same way about Chinese coming in by the government.

About the author Dahlia Lama about him being known as the "holiness" as an Aurthur as stated by Wisdom publications. He has several books he wrote on how to be compassionate and devote our to developing our own peace of mind. Also how more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own peace of mind and to do so we must develop compassion for other in order to be truly happy. As an holly writer he takes to non-violence by writing teaching that may help out during worst times. Some of his greatest books can be found on the website below.

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