Friday, February 17, 2012

Real "Beauty"?

As I read The Truth About Beauty by Virginia Postrel, I was not really all the shocked to read about the fact that what is considered to be beautiful in ads is not really the whole truth. Many companies have been criticized lately for the amount of photo-shopping they do to a photo. One example of was a Ralph Lauren campaign in which they made the model in the ad look unnaturally skinny through all the photo-shopping. What we see everyday and are told is beautiful is unrealistic. I think the thesis of this piece of writing was how distorted America's perception of beauty is through what advertising calls "beauty". The thing that struck me the most in this essay was the information about Dove's Evolution video. I think this shows just how false a lot of what American's are told is true beauty everyday is not real. I think a good quote to describe just how fake beauty is in ads is shown when Postrel writes, "Next comes the digital transformation, as a designer points-and-clicks on the model's photo, giving her a longer, slimmer neck, a slightly narrower upper face, fuller lips, bigger eyes, and more space between her eyebrows and eyes". I think it is really sad that the advertising world and Hollywood change the appearance of people to make them appear to be the perfect woman and make every other average American female feel like they can't measure up to a false beauty. What is more important to you, a beautiful personality or appearance?


  1. I liked the quote that you used showing the steps the Dove and other beauty expert companies use to make their models look beautiful. Which shows that what they are trying to create does not exists.

  2. In Hollywood, women were known to be beautiful for their own, real features, not their plastic faces.