Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Response to Refugees United Documentary

What struck me about the film the most was that fact that the refugees had to work hard to pay for their families to live. They would often hold jobs that do not provide much pay for them to buy food for their family members. While some had a few family members left, most had lost all of their family members because they had already been killed in the wars. It is really sad to see them suffer like this.

My biggest change in my life was moving from my old house to my new house during my freshman year of high school. It was a really changing factor in my life because not only would I be still going to the same school district, but also I would be forced to adapt into a new environment as well. The new environment was the neighborhood that does not have any kids in it. It was really hard to adapt to a neighborhood that had no other kids in it because I had to spend time with my friends that lived about five or ten miles away from my neighborhood. After a few years, it was really easy to adjust to the environment of the neighborhood.

The adjustments that I made for college is changing my appearance, work habits, and my social life. I changed my appearance so I could be more presentable to people when I engage with them socially. My works habits now have improved since high school because now I get all of my work done on time. My social life is moving forward because now I have many friends that I engage in activities with like going to parties and working with them on projects that is for class work.

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