Thursday, February 16, 2012

response to short film

In the short film we saw in class today several things struck me as people were uprooted. In a country that as poverty it is difficult to live, even know picking up trash is not enough to buy food and other things needed to live. Families that are up rooted they have family on their mind first. These family members that are separated it is hard for them to communicate if someone is alive, unless having a cell phone making communication easier. Also simple tattoos can have identified family members that were separated for a long period of time. “43,000,000 people have lost some or all their family members do to the killings taking place.

There was a time in my life where I did have to move when I was very young. But, it was not out of state of course. It was because of my parents divorcing each other. Several things came out of this. I got a bigger room, and I could still see my dad ever once and a-while on special occasions with my sister.

If I didn’t have to move I probably would have never quit playing, because where we live now it was too hard find people new people to talk to. This was because we lived in a neighborhood off of Powell road which mostly was switched between the different Olentangy schools in the district. Elementary I switched about four times; and for middle and high school, I switched twice. After each switch I would only talk to people I knew because I was shy and didn’t know others.

My experience in college is great so far. I really haven’t made too many adjustments except for choosing when I want to wake for my classes and enjoy not being in high school. The worst is trying to get my work done when there is distraction at being home. My goals I have are to find some kind of job to help pay for college and a car. Where I can also get some money to put aside for when I need it. My goals aren’t really being met because for me education comes first over finding a job. Also why there not being met is because I can be a little shy at first at times.

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