Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tannen - Communication Styles

In reading this essay it made me think a lot. I thought of the questions she had done research on and what I would prefer. The evidence showed that girls preferred to work in small groups and felt it was easier to speak up. It showed that boys liked to work in bigger groups and have their work criticized. Her thesis was that boys and girls learn differently yet teachers normally teach one way.
So I ask you then, what type of learning situation do you like to learn in? To be honest I don't agree with her on how girls like to learn. I do like small groups sometimes, but I also like large groups too. Honestly it just depends on how comfortable I am with the people. I am perfectly fine with standing in front of a class talking. It definitely makes it easier if I know the people in the class. It also depends really on the day. Sometimes I feel like letting other people talk and other days I decide to voice my opinion. When she says that "Typically, a girl has a best friend with whom she sits and talks, frequently telling secrets. It's the telling of secrets, the fact and way that they talk to each other that makes them best friends." she goes on to tell that boys interact and play in larger groups. I don't believe that is always true. Growing up had best friends, but always more then one. Then again I also am the type of person who gets along with most anyone. I am just not sure you can group learning and communicating into boys vs. girl. I think it is more of a personality quality.


  1. Megan, I love how you apply her generalizations and question them and contrast them to your own experience. Exactly what we are supposed to do, even with credible research, because sometimes the conclusions really can't help us unless we sort through them, and apply other factors: social class, race, family, role models. People are so mysterious and complex, I think it's hard to label gender traits too rigidly, but I do think it's helpful to think about it and discuss it, because differences are there, I believe. Good job!

  2. I like how you gave your own opinoin on teaching or learning as a student.

  3. good job on expressing your views. I completely agree because I enjoy working in small groups too, especially if i know the people in the group. I think it really all depends on confidence and your ability to work with others.