Sunday, March 11, 2012

Extra Credit

The essay I choose to extract my paragraph from was an academic essay by Virginia Postrel called The Truth About Beauty. In this exploration, we had to intepret an essay, and then ask insightful questions to other classmates to mull over that corresponded with the issue dealt in the essays. I chose to pick this essay to read from, because it really dealt with a subject I dwell upon frequently. The following excerpt I am reading from include questions that I ask to myself regularly.
"Our eyes and brains pretty consistently like some human forms better than
others." I found this essay extremely insightful, and it provided me with the
background on a question that I have always mulled over. Is it fair to tell
every woman she is beautiful just the way she is? Does this not give her false
hope, and stir away from the reality of her situation? Are people just evoking
the message that every woman CAN be beautiful to be politically correct?
In case the embedding doesn't work, feel free to use the link!

Unfortunately, the video somehow cut off after 2:00, and what I say at the end is "a lot of the times, we may have a friend or relative that constantly complains how they're overweight or ugly, and although this may be true, we're forced to convince them they're not, which is political correctness. And the fact that they want to be reassured that they are attractive brings about the question: are they truly doubtful of their appearance, or do they just want attention?"

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