Monday, March 12, 2012

Extra Credit
My favorite exploration that i wrote about is Exploration 3 which was Murtin Luther King Junior's speech. it was response to Dr Kings speech the mountian top. This speech was full of informational and guardians. He tells the sanitation workers the way out of sruggle. Dr King particularly emphasis the idea of working as community or a group to achieve gradeness. This idea is very crucial in today's world wether is boycotting the government to distribute the wealth equally, to bring justice back or to improve the lives of the personals within the community. As we learn from history, the great change was brought by group of people with grade leader, not one particular person. The message gets through when it co-exists within group of people. in today's world we can apply this when we writing petitions to the government to have centain changes done. it requires group of people with the same stance. last but not least another way it works would be if the community gets together with common goal to achieve safe and secure neighborhood. they can build recreation center, parts and soccer fields to integrate the community.

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