Sunday, March 11, 2012

Extra Credit- Abdul Tiba

My favorite exploration that I wrote about is exploration 1. We did it on the very first day of class. On it I wrote about my strengths and weaknesses that I have in English class. Some of my strengths are I'm good at brainstorming and typing papers that mean the length requirement. My weaknesses are that I'm not great at using the correct grammar and its sometimes hard for me to write a perfect essay. Also in this exploration I talked about goals I would like to meet by the end of class. The goals I wrote down are that I wanted a B or higher, get more interested in reading books and learn to write better essays. I think I met all my goal and I had a great time in class. Thanks to everyone for a great time!!

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  1. Sorry about my phone going off in the middle of recording. I could have redone it but that would have taken too long.