Friday, March 9, 2012

The Hobart Shakespeareans

what struck me the most about this film was how discipline the young kids become dispute the hardship in there neighborhood, most of them manage to cope the highly dimands of Mr Rafe Esquith. I was impressed of the novels they were reading in elementary school. All of the books were high school level or behind. for example To Kill a Mockingbird is required sophmore novel in most schools. One Pedagogy that I liked the most was the money system. according mr Rafe he said " if we don't go to work we don't get pay, so if you don't do your homewoke you don't get pay". i believe that was good strategy. it gives an idea of how the real world works and what their parents are dealing with. I was also an advocate of the washington trip reading from a book is one thing, but going there and visiting the white house has different feeling. its more memoriable and it asuresss that the kids were first class citizens. One specific personal goal that i have for next years is to be aware of the issues around the world. I believe that best way is to reading books writing by first person point of view like the one we read in class " A Long way Gone"

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  1. I was was amazed by the books they were reading and how discipline they were.