Friday, March 9, 2012

The Hobart Shakespearians are uniquely inspiring. I never would've thought that the a group a 5th graders and their teacher would encourage me to success and excellence. I think Rafe Esquith is a monumental teacher who takes teaching to another level. His ideas that turned a classroom to a family are genius and really set these 5th graders up for the rest of their lives. I think his use of literature is my favorite pedagogy because I believe that analyzing the english language is the best foundation to being comfortable with open discussions. From being in our english class, I have come quick to realize that open discussions are extremely helpful. I really liked it when Rafe said, "be nice. work hard." I think this is a great motto for young kids and nonetheless adults. I think this story of the Hobart Shakespearians has really encouraged me to go in depth of Shakespeare's work. If it's the foundation to this awesome group of kids, the it's obviously important. Overall, I think Rafe is a genius. For my goal after taking English 110 with this a great class, is to read 15 books before summer. I think reading is too important to being intellectual and will help anyone become more intelligent. Although I've never been a fan of reading, it's necessary for my progression.

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  1. feras, great goals! you know with plays, even though the language for instance in Shakespeare is going to be difficult, if you can get into a rhythm, a play can be read in a few hours, and suddenly, you have that story in you. but there are many modern plays and books that can be read in a weekend and i love your goal! think how great that would feel to reach that goal?