Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Hobart Shakespearians

The teacher in the film was very inspiring and honest to his students. One thing he does he tells his students not to take any shortcuts in life and that if you want to make it in college you can't take shortcuts. Instead of embarrassing his students in front of the class when they do something wrong he sits down with them and has a small chat. This way the students know what they did wrong; he also states this way most of the time his students don't repeat these mistakes. One thing that stuck out to me a lot was when he was speaking to the conference of teachers, he said: "your not going to win every kid and anyone who says they get to every kid it's bullshit because it's imposable." This is very true and to think you can get every kid to agree and change it is just not going to happen; all kids are different.
These kids and this class is very inspiring. The movie makes me think of what I lack, and how I would take short cuts in life sometimes, but it would never work out. A few times in high school I would copy homework and this year I haven't. Taking these shortcuts hurts you in the long run and by doing all my homework and classwork I have improved a lot as a student. I also didn't try hard enough to get into college. I didn't study for the ACT at all and only took it once. these kids read a lot and it's something i need to do more of.
some goals I have right now is to make it through Nursing school; i have been accepted to a few programs and I want to get my nurse practitioners license as well. I want to start reading books; I think reading 2 books this summer is a good start, and i want to pick up a book over break. Another thing i need to do is make time for art; Every Sunday i would like to sit down and make art; in my sketch book or even start some big projects.


  1. I think reading two this summer is a great start.

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  3. Rafe makes a good point. We shouldn't take short cuts and I believe that a lot of people at the top got to where they are by taking short cuts. Sitting down with a student and telling them what they did wrong in a calm manner, I believe has more of an impact then, punishing them and making fools out of the children.

  4. I got to agree with you Alexis no we shouldn't take short-cuts because we all going to get used to it and its a bad habit to get rid off!