Friday, March 9, 2012

The Hobart Shakespearians

What struck me the most is that these children were all see the violence that go on in their neighborhood, but are used it. I was shocked to see that these when in lock down were carrying on their conversations. They didn’t fear that the suspect was free and that someone had died in their neighborhood. The whole scenario was so shocking to me. Nevertheless, the pedagogy I liked the most is music. I believe that this is very effective method because it was for me. I used to have trouble focusing me class as a kid. I stress a lot when I am preparing for my exams.  For example, when I was a kid I used to study sit myself in my room but, my mind would be thinking “what if I failed” Music really helped me calm down and focus more on what am I doing. I still use this method when I fell I am in stress or if I have been working for hours. Not only music I have many pedagogy’s of Mr. Esquith that I were interesting. One particular example might be the money system. He explains, “I don’t come to work, I don’t get paid and if they do their homework they lose fifty points.” This is a very innovative method. I believe so because this way the children will learn the real world. The school will teach the children knowledge required surviving in this world but, things like this will always come in handy. This will also teach the importance of money which I think children should learn first.
Many things can be learned from the habits and accomplishments of these students. These children’s vocabulary is very impressive. Also, the books that they read, I haven’t read them until I came to high school. It was even more impressive when, they were able to name all the books of Shakespeare. These children are definitely going make wise decision because they take their education serious. They habits will also definitely will guide to make good decisions as well. One goal I have is to start writing my diary. I used to have this habit of writing my diary which even helped my writing skills. I have made up my mind to start writing my diary again.  Moreover, I want also read at least 4 books by the end of next quarter and write a paper on each one of them. This way I improve both my vocabulary and as well as my writing skills.


  1. I thought about starting a diary too Manisha, its a good way to practice writing, without feeling pressured to write about things that you have no interest in writing about. I hope you accomplish your goals! Hope your dad had a happy birthday!

  2. I totally agree with writing a diary for your personal use. I write poetry when I'm stressed or feeling down, and not only does it help expand my vocab, but it makes me feel good to see my work! good goal! it's been a great quarter with you :)

  3. I've never had a diary before and I always thought that it would be great to have one. Maybe I'll do that too! Good luck meeting your goal!