Friday, March 9, 2012

The Hobart Shakespearians

The flim was really interesting. I was amazed to see fifth grades reading at such a high level and understanding what they are reading. Yet none of the children speak English as their first language and they speak a different language at home. For example Hamlet, which I read in my senior year in high school, they are reading it in fifth grade. I remember I did understand a lot of it and I had my teacher explain it to me. I also used sparknotes for it too, just to understand what it is saying. These kids are reading Hamlet and understanding what Shakespear is talking about. I was also impressed with that they are name all the Shakepear's plays and know what the plays are about. I can't even name five plays of Shakespear.
One pedagogy the Rafe Esquith uses is the money system. I never heard of the money system before this flim. I remember having the sticker system where if we filled up our sticker chart, we would get a pencil and a piece of candy. However, the money system is really interesting as Esquith states it: "if I don’t come to work I don’t get paid, and if they don’t do their homework they don’t get paid." Not only does this encouge the kids to do homework but it also teaches them how to handle money, which they don't teach in school. Also, in the money system, the kids keep track of everything they spent their money on and how much they have left. Which is super important in the real world because not many people do this, they just have credit cards which they just have to swipe to buy whatever they are buying and don't write down what they are spending and soon they go into debt without realizing it.
One thing that have I have learned from these students is that even if your not from a English speaking country and English it not your first language doesn't mean that you will never suceed, all you have to do it keep trying you best and want to learn new and different things, which is what the students are doing.
One goal that I want to set for myself is that I need to stop procrastinating my homework or project or anthing. I going to start the day they are given and work on it a little everyday and not save it up until the last moments where I am pulling a all nighter and the next day I not able to concentrate in any of my classes.

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  1. I understand how hard it's to overcome procrastination. I hope you achieve your goal.