Friday, March 9, 2012

Hobart Shakesperians

What struck me most about this film was how Esquith was so
involved in his students’ lives, even outside of the classroom, and he
genuinely cared about making an impact in his students’ lives. Most teach, in
my opinion, feel content knowing that their students succeeded in their class,
but disregard what happens outside of their class, as they figure that’s not
their problem. Esquith, however, takes on a role much greater than that of a
teacher, which I found to be very inspiring. He says “If these kids go on to
Middle School, and get involved in drugs, and gangs, then that means I failed,
as a teacher.”
pedagogy style I really liked was the use of drama and elements of theater in
the classroom. I really thought this was a great teaching style because not
only does it teach these children to act well, and with good emotion, it also
help them to have an accurate understanding of what they’re reading, which can
be seen in the scene where all the children are crying at the end of
Huckleberry Finn. They understand and take to heart what they are reading, and
that is what a good piece of literature ought to do.
Next year, I have a very specific goal that I am determined
to meet. I feel I am a good student, and that I take my work seriously, and
study hard. However, I still wish to partake in some kind of extracurricular
activity. I really want to join Buckeye Fusion next year which is a
Bollywood/Hip-Hop dance team. Because of my accident, I couldn’t this year, but
I will surely try out next year! It's been a great quarter with you all!


  1. Buckeye Fusion sounds really awesome! Good luck with that!

  2. I agree with you, acting in the theater help the young kids understand the reading more accurately.

  3. I didn't know you danced. But good luck next year dancing!!

  4. Acting played a big role in the learning process. And good luck!