Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Hobart Shakesperians

Overall I thought the documentary was really good and inspiring. What I really liked about Rafe's teaching style the money system I thought that was really cool idea. The whole money system was really cool because he taught his children the sense of financial responsibility. His children learned the value of a dollar. Another thing I liked was how he taught the children music because he knew statistically children who play music usually play get good grades as well. One last thing I like was the field trips that he took the kids too. The reason I liked is because of his choice location and types and foods he gave the children. What I mean by this is he took him to 5 star hotels and restaurants because according to him “I want to show the children what they are working for” and I completely agree with him. What can be learned about his habits is that the way Rafe taught he showed the children to think for themselves and to be independent. One specific goal I have for next year is I want to start studying more and the way I want to do it is to set aside some time to study and to not procrastinate.

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