Friday, March 9, 2012

What struck me the most was how they spoke in big vocabulary even though English was mot their first language. It was really amazing seeing these children perform and act upon Shakespeare books. Some of the books they read I didn’t read later till I became a junior. It was kind of shocking to me when the school was locked down because of a running suspect none of the children seemed to be frightened. To me, I think they all lived in a violent neighborhoods, because when the lock down drill went off they acted normal like its nothing is dangerous is happening also think violent is part of their daily life is not because they choose that way is because of where they live at. The reason why these children are behaving better than the most of children that we see every day is that they have a good inspirational Rafe was encouraging teacher. I wish I had that teacher when I was in grade school. One of my favorite pedagogy was the MONEY SYSTEM. I was interested how effective it was! I encourage teachers in any kind of school; grade school to high school should follow his strategies. One of the quotes I liked was when he said, “if I don’t come to work I don’t get paid, and if they don’t do their home woks they don’t get points, and they also lose fifty points”. The most important thing I have learned from the film has to be , no taking short-cuts, because these short-cuts will make you lazy and it won’t get you anywhere, but instead it will bite you back in the future, and that’s not a chance I want to take. These kids really inspired me well enough to change my life around. The goals that I need to achieve is, to make time for everything and plan ahead things that are important, and I want to visit y mother in Africa. I want to make few changes to my life and focus on school.

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  1. It was true that the money system have positive effect of he students.